Top 10 Breeds of racing horses in the world

breeds of racing horses
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The horse is an animal that is characterized by its great beauty and mainly by its intelligence. Some breeds of racing horses have been developed for the competition and in the following article, we tell you which are the main racehorses that exist.

To find the transcendence of the horse in the life of the man it is necessary to look back thousands of years ago. It is possible that there is no other animal that fascinates man more because the elegance of his movements, his strength, his plant, his look becomes essential in the history of man. This animal, even being wild, is the most docile one we can find, so riding it is a gesture of freedom.

Nowadays, due to its athletic condition, most horses are used for sporting purposes.

It is difficult to choose only 10 breeds of racing horses, as the best in the world, because each of them has its own characteristics that make them unique.

After conducting thousands of surveys through web pages and various equestrian organizations, these are the best-valued horse breeds in the world :

According to this study, we will detail, according to your classification, the most desired breeds of racing horses in the world.

Here we share 10 best breeds of racing horses in the world

1. Caballo Andaluz

breeds of racing horses

Horse of Spanish race originating from Andalusia. It is officially considered as “Purebred Spanish”, also commonly known as “Spanish horse”. And belongs to one of the oldest breeds of racing horses in the world, we speak of an Iberian horse of the Baroque type very much desired by the nobility for being one of the best horses for war for its robustness and strength without leaving aside its beauty partly due to his thick mane and tail. It is not a race of violent character but of great intelligence and sensitivity. This horse has played a very important role in the formation of new equine breeds both in America and in Europe.

2. Arabic

breeds of racing horses

Horse of Arab race considered genetically pure. It is possible to verify with archaeological evidence that 4,500 years ago horses existed very similar to the Arab race of today. It has earned its prestige thanks to its strength, endurance and intelligence, are affable and trustworthy so they maintain a close relationship with people. Of peculiar image with the head and the tail always in stop, its head has wedge-shaped with eyes and big nasal pits and small snout. Because of its close disposition to man, this breed is frequently chosen for exhibition, taming, therapeutic riding, jumping, cutting and walks. We can find the characteristics of this animal in many of the breeds of riding horses we have today.

3. Tennessee Walking Horse

breeds of racing horses

Horse originally from the USA. Like the Kentucky saddle horses, both races originated after crossing different races Morgan with Saddle red and thoroughbred. These animals were chosen by the pioneers and cotton planters for their robustness and courage because they had to spend long hours watching the crops. Tennessee walking horse is a large horse with a high cross that varies between 106-170cm. With a rather large head, oblique shoulders and strong, iron limbs, its main layers are black and gray.

4. Pure Blood

breeds of racing horses

Horse of English origin. This breed was developed between the seventeenth and eighteenth century after crossing English mares with Arabian stallions. These stallions were three: the Arabs Darley, Godolphin and the Turkish Byerley with which three thoroughbred lineages were created: Maqtchem, Herod and Eclipse. Essentially the thoroughbred horse is recognized by its long and stylized body. The head constantly watching and with little muscle on its jaw, its extremities appear muscular, long and thin with the hindquarters, kidneys and strong rump that resist the gallop vigor. It is for all this that it becomes the horse par excellence for horse racing and activities in which speed and endurance are required.

5. Apalusa

breeds of racing horses

Horse originally from the USA. The race originated from the breeding of Spanish horses by the Nez Perce Indians. This animal was used in warrior and hunting practice for its special color, strong structure, and diversity. It has a great capacity to travel long distances. The most striking feature of the Appaloosa is its particular mottled coat, in most cases, the colors and spots of the males are brighter than those of the females.

6. Morgan

breeds of racing horses

This breeds of racing horses originally from the USA. One of the first races that developed in the United States. This horse comes from a single parent, Justin Morgan, born in 1973 managed to transmit exactly his morphology to his three offspring so that this race could originate. Between its characteristics, we find: It does not have a great height of cross, its head is wide and pronounced jaw, muscular neck and croup, robust and short back, robust extremities and abundant and abundant mane. Due to their versatility, they are used in different disciplines, mainly in races. Nowadays crosses are made with pure blood to achieve greater cross height.

7.Quarter Horse

breeds of racing horses

Horse originally from the USA. The Spanish colonists when they arrived at American lands did it loaded with horses of different races. These animals were left in freedom during the conquest causing wild horses that later were domesticated by the Indians red skins. From 1750 these Indian horses were known as Quarte Race. They were used on the farms to pull the carts. It is a race that has a strong acceleration in small distances. He has a small head, separated eyes, muscular and robust neck, his broad chest shows strength and his extremities, despite being thin, are very robust.

8. Paint Horse

breeds of racing horses

Horse of American origin. This race is the successors of the Quarter Horse. The Native Americans began their breeding from the crossing between the Quarter Horse and the Pinto. Its coat is spotted and is the typical cowboy horse used in the ranches. They are highly intelligent, hardworking and very friendly. They are also used in horse riding, rides and are ideal to be ridden by young riders.

9. Miniature Horse

breeds of racing horses

This breeds of racing horses of European origin. This animal has a height between 86-97cm is by these measures that get its name. Because they have the characteristics of horses are ascribed as such and not as ponies despite having their same size. They are friendly and congenial to the human. So they are fantastic as a pet. Sometimes they are trained for service animals used as guide dogs by disabled people. They are highly resistant and their average life is greater than that of the normal horse.

10. Poni Welses

breeds of racing horses

Horse of Welsh origin. This animal usually reaches an approximate height of 164 cm. From this race, they have originated others like the Hackm, and the Hackney and the Pony of polo. He has great intelligence and bravery, he is used as a chair pony due to his strength and docility. Its great resistance allows it to withstand long winters in the open and with a shortage of food.

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