10 Types of Equestrian sports for horse rider

Types of Equestrian sports
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Equines are noble animals that lend themselves to the execution of various sports activities thanks to their docility and intelligence; from dressage, through polo and even horse racing. Today we talk 10 types of equestrian sports for horse riders.

All those disciplines that include a horse – or several – are known as equestrian sports. They can be speed, jumps, with the ball, traction or sets. Know which are the best known in the following article. We prepare this article 10 types of equestrian sports for horse rider, who loves horse raiding and enjoy to play horse racing games.

The content of the summery:

  • What equestrian sports exist
  • Equestrian jumps
  • Dressage
  • Cross-country
  • Gallop races
  • Polo
  • Duck
  • Game of picks
  • Hooks
  • Enduro
  • Reining
  • The best horse for the equestrian

What equestrian sports exist

Within equestrian sports we can put together different groups: Olympic, Paralympic, racing, jumps, combined, team, ball, dressage or traction. Among them we highlight.

Here we present 10 types of equestrian sports for horse raider

1.- Equestrian jumps

Types of Equestrian sports

Within horsemanship, this sport -represented in the image that opens this article- consists of making synchronized movements with the horse so that it can overcome certain obstacles, always following a predetermined order. It is one of the most popular disciplines and in addition to the world, participates in the Olympic Games.

There is a table of penalties that discounts point for the mistakes that the animal commits: demolition, disobedience, fall of the rider, excess in the time of the test or error in the route.

2.- Dressage

Types of Equestrian sports

Also known as ‘training’, it is another of the Olympic equestrian sports and its objective is for the animal to obey the rider and perform the tests with harmony and balance. The horses that practice dressage are usually calm, flexible and attentive only to the orders of those who guide them. ‘Warm-blooded’ races are often used, such as track, hand, and oldbg .

3.- Cross-country

Types of Equestrian sports

The ‘cross-country’ test integrates dressage and jumping and can be practiced separately in certain local competitions. In this sport, the speed, jumping ability, and resistance of the horses are tested through a race with obstacles (water, walls, hedges, etc).

4.- Gallop races

Types of Equestrian sports

The turf or equestrian races is one of the oldest horse sports that exist -from Ancient Greece- and spectators can bet on their favorite. The breeds chosen for this sport are the ‘thoroughbreds’ and the ‘quarter of a mile’. They are usually galloping with jumps and carrying a jockey – jockey – who guides them.

5.- Polo

Types of Equestrian sports

It is one of the equestrian sports teams – four riders per side – and the objective is to hit a ball with a cue or mallet and take it to the local goal. It is played on a grass field of 270 by 150 meters and its origins date back to 2,000 years in Central Asia. The game lasts two hours, divided into six ‘ chukkas ‘.

6.- Duck

Types of Equestrian sports

This sport originated in Argentina and emerged as entertainment for the Gauchos who used horses in the estancias of the pampas. It is called ‘ duck ‘ because, in the beginning, they used a live specimen of this bird inside a leather bag with bows. Later, the rules were changed and nowadays the ball is made of leather. Criollo horses are used for competitions.

7.- Game of picks

Types of Equestrian sports

This sport of cavalry and with ancient origins is recognized by the International Equestrian Federation and within the rules, we can emphasize that the riders carry swords or spears to collect various objectives, from a ring to a slice of lemon placed on the ground.

8.- Hooks

Types of Equestrian sports

It consists of managing a group of horses hooked to a carriage through different obstacles. There are three types of punctuation: training (harmony and cadence of horses), endurance (the route is 22 kilometers) and obstacles (20 in total).

9.- Enduro

Types of Equestrian sports

The equestrian raid or enduro is a test that takes into account the skill, speed, and endurance of both the horse and the rider. Long distances are covered in a single day in phases and natural obstacles and several types of soils must be avoided. The veterinarians check the animals at the end of each stage and decide if they are able to continue.

10.- Reining

Types of Equestrian sports

The cowboy dressage, unlike the ‘classic’, does not use tame horses. The rider must show that he can handle it and that the equine will obey his orders. The skill, speed, and maneuvers (circles, hand changes, step back, pirouettes, dry stop) used during the competition are evaluated. It emerged in the western United States and is practiced in 40 countries.

The best horse for the equestrian

The horse is one of the most beautiful and noble animals in the world. Since time immemorial has had a special place in the activities developed by humans and horse riding is no exception. But what is the best horse for the equestrian? What is the best jumping stallion?

The best and most outstanding horse for the equestrian

There are many breeds of horses. Each of them has something that makes them unique and special, and that is that horses are extraordinary animals that have not stopped accompanying and surprising man with everything they are capable of doing. Here we present top 10 best horses in the world for horse racing.

However, when speaking of equestrian, there is a race that stands out above the others. Throughout history, the horse called warmblood or temperate blood has been and continues to be considered the best horse for equestrian.

Horse warmblood

These horses are of European origin and at the same time, they are diversified into different breeds, although it should be noted that they all start from a common trunk.

Types of Equestrian sports

The extraordinary warmblood horses have been the protagonists and winners of most of the equestrian competitions and competitions that have taken place worldwide. They have also had a good role in the Olympics.


We present 14 best equestrian sports for horse raider, now you choose which one you like to play.

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