Australian Saddles: Everything you need to know

Australian Saddles
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Among the various horse saddles, we can find the Australian saddles. Here we will talk about it and the benefits you get when using it.

As well as the western saddle, Australian saddles are used on horses that perform work, walks, and rodeos. Many of these mounts do not possess the distinctive front horn.

But just like western saddles, they have a high tile, a fairly deep seat, and leather is usually heavier.

The frames must be suitable for each discipline that is going to play and also depending on the horse you have or that you are going to ride, so we will help you choose the ideal one for you.

The content of the article:

  1. Types of frames
  2. Materials of the frames
  3. Chair size
  4. A form of the back of your horse
  5. Test your frame

Here we write details about Australian Saddles

Types of Frames

The important thing when choosing this accessory is that it should be very comfortable. That’s why here we will show you some of the options you have available:

Australian Saddles

To tame:

It is used in dressage. Its structure is narrow, the skirt is long and straight and its borders are more developed. With these characteristics, they turn out to be light, soft and not so rigid.

For general use:

As well as the English mount, it is used in the equestrian. It is used by both experts and beginners.

For jumps:

Australian Saddles

It is round and not so deep seat. It has a very low front eraser so that the rider leaves without difficulties when jumping. To facilitate a better grip, the skirt comes to the front and has knee pads. If your want to learn more about horse saddles, here we present Different Types of Horse Saddles.

For horse mounts:

They are very wide and large, created to make the rider comfortable during the time he works with the horse. Some of these mounts are the tejana or western, the Menorcan and the Spanish jacket.

For races:

They only use them for competitions, as well as the saddle to train.

  • Amazon: was created for the rider to mount the horse by placing both legs on the left side. The seat is firm, wide and flat. The frame has two supports for the legs to be placed.
  • March: the seat is wide and the kneepads are padded. Thanks to the advantages it has, the weight of the person who assembles it is well distributed on the back of the horse.

For each modality and for each discipline there is a specific mount, although you can also find mixed which are used in several disciplines. The chair must be adapted as a glove to the entire morphology of the horse.

You have to take into account different factors when choosing one, such as the width and height of the cross and the length and shape of the back; since the different sizes of chairs allow adapting them well to the horse.

Mounts Materials

What makes a chair is a quality, without a doubt it is the material with which it is made. This allows it to look more and be as comfortable as possible, even if it has a long time of use.

There are chairs for all kinds of needs and tastes, regardless of style, country, culture or utility; since they were created to walk well on the horse without hurting or hindering him. There are two types of material for frames:

Synthetic: do not require much maintenance. Just clean them after using them with a damp cloth and let them dry outdoors.

Australian Saddles

Its disadvantage is that they deteriorate after one or two years of use, wear and deform, so its duration is short. They are very economical.

Leather: these are durable, by using them they manage to mold on the back of the horse and look great. Their care is regular, they must be cleaned with leather soap and greased after using them, so they will be impeccable.

The price is much higher compared to synthetic ones.

The quality of the frame is based on the type of leather used for its manufacture, the capacity of the bastes to adapt, the robustness, the final finishing touches, and the sewing.

Above all, keep in mind that the saddle must adapt to the horse, not to you.

One mistake that many make is not using the correct size for your horse. This will also be shown below.

Chair Size

Many believe that the current chairs are flexible and that they can be adapted to the width of the chest of the horse, and that the girth can be adapted in the chairs; so they tend to choose a longer or shorter one.

However, this is not true for some horses, since the chair has parts that fit correctly to the entire body of the horse. And the body of the horses varies from one another.

Australian Saddles

For example, a horseman who is very large will not be served by a chair of 15, as the horse that uses this size cannot be bigger than a pony so he can use this chair.

In some cases, the chair can be adapted using additional accessories that can solve this problem, among them are the pectoral breasts, cross protectors, baticolas and some other devices.

A form of the back of your horse

To be able to choose the necessary saddle for your horse you should look at the back of your horse. For this, you must observe the top line of the horse. The curve between the rump and the cross varies in each animal.

Stand at a certain distance so that you see the back and look at the shape they have between the rump and the cross. These can be:

  • Leaning forward.
  • Straight
  • Level
  • Downhill.

Although the ideal is to have a tailor-made for your horse; which will have a cost. However, it will be worth it because a mount of good quality and with little care will last many years.

Test your Mount

When investing in a saddle you should check that it is of good quality, comfortable and adaptable for the horse and for you. As soon as you buy it you have to try it because if it does not fit you can return it or change it.

Australian Saddles

Be it the western mounts, the Australian Saddles, or any other mount you need; the important thing is that both the horse and you feel comfortable and in confidence.


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