Basic care to have a healthy horse

healthy horse
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If you have a horse, you know you have tremendous luck. He’s a very special friend, right? So, you always try to keep a healthy horse.

However, having a horse implies great responsibility. It is an animal that needs a large outdoor space to unwind. It’s not like a domestic animal, so taking care of it requires a lot more work. Of course, the effort rewards, by far! Today, we prepare this article basic care to have a healthy horse.

Basic care for a healthy horse

We speak of an animal that, in spite of its large size, is very delicate in many aspects that you must take into account for its care.

Horse care should be based on different issues, all based on your state of health and well-being.

healthy horse

If what you are looking for is knowing how to care for a horse, in this article we are going to give you a series of useful and basic guidelines for you to be healthy and enjoy. In addition, we will indicate in each step where you can obtain more relevant information, so that you have a complete and formed idea about this matter. Ready?

The care of the horse, according to the season of the year

With the change of temperatures and weather conditions, the care of our horse may vary. Especially in regard to changes in diet, but also in other particular care.

Do you want to discover how to care for your horse according to each season? You can check here all our posts in this regard.

Basic guidelines for healthy horse care

Shelter of the horse: where does he sleep?

One of the most important points in the care of the horse is the place where he sleeps. Is it outside or inside? Obviously, the best option is to sleep in a barn, since this way it will be protected from rain, storms or long exposure to the sun.

healthy horse

Another of the essential conditions of the shelter of the horse is that it has an appropriate space so that it does not become overwhelmed, in addition to having a soft surface where you can rest peacefully.

Stable cleaning and maintenance

In the same way that it is important to have a shelter or stable, it is essential that the relevant cleaning tasks are carried out. Among the tasks that must be carried out, there is a daily work for which the stable of the animal’s stools will have to be cleaned, if possible twice a day.

With this, we will avoid the spread of different diseases. It is also interesting to ventilate the bed and change it twice a week, as well as clean the drinking fountain and feeder in the barn.

Thinking more in the long term and in the contagion of infections, every three months it is recommended to disinfect the entire block and paint it, managing to eliminate any harmful bacteria for our horse.

Healthy horse diet

As commented on other occasions, a careful feeding of the horse will greatly improve his health status. Its fragile and delicate digestive system is reason enough to take it very seriously and not suffer from different diseases.

For the horse, feeding not only supposes nourishment, but it also constitutes a leisure activity. When leaving to graze, the horse entertains itself feeding calmly. Therefore, it is essential to provide such fun. If you want to know more about horse feeding Here we present 5 important tips for feeding a racehorse.

healthy horse

In this sense, it has a lot to do also where we have stable. To have a large meadow for our healthy horse to browse and feed is always positive.

As we have explained to you on other occasions, as a general rule, a horse must eat around 2.5% of its live weight to be properly nourished, between forage and feed. The percentage will vary according to the intensity you perform per day. In this post, you can see the approximate amount of food a horse needs, according to his effort.

Obviously, both the feed and the forage that we must provide must be of the highest quality.

Space of horse pasture

As we have said when talking about the feeding of the horse, the space to graze is very important, if what you want is that it has greater well-being.

The best thing is to give it a wide space where you can move freely. Remember that the horse is not a pet, it needs to be outdoors! In addition, we all know that it is an animal that can be overwhelmed easily, so closed spaces can create anxiety very difficult to overcome in the future.

Of course, this space must be fenced, so that, in an “attack of freedom”, our horse will escape and disappear.

Horse cleaning and review

Another important point in the care of the horse is its hygiene. In this case, we must stipulate different tasks of cleaning, hygiene, and revision of the horse.

Brushing the healthy horse

The cleaning process is not only an aesthetic issue, but it can also help us to check our horse well, so if we brush our horse frequently and we are in contact with it, we will have more chances of detecting wounds, in the case of I had

healthy horse

The advisable thing, in the measurement of the possible thing, is to brush our horse every day. For this, we must use the right material, where we must highlight the following elements.


It serves to clean the meatiest areas of our horse, such as the rump or neck.


The bruza is used to remove grease, dandruff or sweat from the horse’s body. It can also be used to clean the mane.

Roots Brush

The brush that serves for a deeper cleaning as it serves to remove stains attached to the horse, such as mud or manure.

Bathe a horse

The bath of a horse has certain complications, due to the great size of the horse and the problems it may have to keep the body temperature in agreement.

Remember that a horse has an average temperature a little higher than ours and it is necessary to maintain it in the best possible way.

healthy horse

For that reason, it is necessary to follow some very delimited guidelines at the time of bathing to a healthy horse. As a general rule, it is recommended that it be done once a week and outside the barn, that is if you have not done a high-intensity exercise. Then, it would be necessary to bathe it later.

In this sense, it is recommended that you spend some time after having done the exercise so that you recover your body temperature. Then, it will be necessary to bathe it in parts, drying each area that bathes before continuing with the next.

Helmet and denture check

Our horse can have many health problems derived from a poor diet or hygiene, but it has two specific areas that need a special review, we talk about the horse’s hooves and his teeth. Especially, the first one.

The helmets bear a tremendous weight every day and the problems that come from the helmets can seriously harm the health of the equine. Therefore, it is more than necessary to clean and check the helmets every time we go for a walk with our horse.

If you are looking for more information about this topic, in this article we offer you complete information on helmet care.

The same happens with the horse’s teeth, which can affect its feeding. For this reason, it will be necessary to periodically check for possible problems such as teeth misalignment or bad bites.

We explain completely everything that has to do with the teeth and teeth of the healthy horse in this post.

Have a trusted veterinarian

healthy horse

We have left it at the last point, but we assure you that it is not the least important. Having a trusted veterinarian at your disposal is a luxury. Not only to call you when you notice a problem but to check it periodically so you can prevent any disease before your time.

It is recommended that you visit with each change of season or deworming.

With all these tips, we hope you have as much information as possible about the basic care of the healthy horse. Do you have any doubt? Tell us!

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