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Horse Saddles
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If you are a horse lover and you want to ride one, you certainly want to know what types of horse mounts there are and especially which is the most suitable for the activity you will do, so here we will show you. That’s why today we prepare this article with different types of horse saddles for horse riding.

It is important to remember or know that the horse saddle that is chosen for the horse is important to have a good performance, both for the horse and for those who ride it; the harmony between the two depends on it.

What is sought is to take care of the back of the horse, that is why there are a large number and types of horse mounts created for certain sports or disciplines that are practiced; each one adapts to the different demands.

It should be comfortable for the horse the mount that is placed, so you must ensure that it is the ideal size for the body of the rider and the size of his body, and be seated very firmly on the horse.

The saddles allow the weight of the wearer to be distributed well in a balanced manner since it helps to position them in the correct position and thus not hinder the movement of the horse.

Therefore, when choosing a horse riding saddles for your horse you should not think about choosing the one that you like the most or you like; It must be according to the activity you are going to do with the horse.

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Types and uses of frames

1.1 Western

1.2 Australian

1.3 Campera

1.4 March

1.5 Careers

Types and uses of frames

For each occasion or objective there are different horse saddles, so here we present the most common:

Western Saddles

Western types of horse saddles are designed primarily for hard-working horses; in comparison to others that are simply for exhibitions. They usually use it on cattle ranches that have horses and are the best choice for all cowboys.

It is used when walking on trails and rodeos. They usually have small fillings and are used together with a blanket to make it more comfortable for the horse.

Horse Saddles

But they have a complication because by extending the weight of the equipment and the rider, this chair is used for a long time but with a small discomfort for both the rider and the horse when properly conditioned.

They have a small horn in the main part of the chair, which distinguishes it from other mounts. They are mainly used to work in livestock. Because they are heavier, they are used by cowboys. Here we also present hoop boots for protective your horse’s hoofs.


The Australian types of horse saddles are similar to the western saddle because they are used for rodeo horses, for working or for riding with them. Many of these chairs do not have the horn in the main part.

What they do have very similar to others is that the seat is deep, the leather is heavy and the tile is high.


It is ideal for the horse that will perform country work. It is very comfortable to ride in these chairs, especially if they are walks to enjoy nature. Some of the most famous horses in the world have used this horse riding saddles for their adventures.

Among the country mounts we can find the most outstanding, among them the following:

Spanish cowgirl:

Adopts the following fixed elements: the backrest and the front shaft. The other components vary depending on the manufacturer. It is very used to do activities in nature.

Horse Saddles

A very ideal option for the horse to be the protagonist of rural walks.


They have different designs and shapes and are very sought after for events such as horse jumping, tamering, hunting seats, racing, polo, and saddle. They are usually used for show or sports horses.

Due to the environment where they are used, it is normal for some to be decorated. They have padding inside and are very flexible so that the trip is comfortable for both the horse and the rider.

Also called frames of general or mixed-use since they have a large number of uses.

They contribute a lot of resources which make it very sought after by professionals or amateurs.

Due to the diverse characteristics that the English saddles have, they are used to practice diverse sports or competitions of horsemanship, among them they are:

1. Dressage:

The composition is narrower, has a wide surface and has a long, straight skirt; much more than others. Thus the rider’s leg is more elongated and has an upright position; what favors a lot to practice the exercise.

Horse Saddles

In addition, it is soft and comfortable what makes it effective to maneuver the horse and able to perform dressage. The efficient and comfortable for the one who uses it.

2. Jumps:

It is lighter than others, so the horse holds a lower weight and performs the jumps without any problem. It even brings good security and a greater grip since the movements here are more abrupt.

3. Polo:

Since it is a riding sport that demands a lot, these saddles provide a grip and full mobility; that adapts to your demands.


These serve so that the horse and its rider can endure long runs with good comfort and safety. It is a very wide seat that has knee pads that are padded.

Having these advantages, these types of horse saddles distribute the weight of the whole rider so that horse riding is a very efficient, pleasant and comfortable experience. A major advantage is that both the performance and the resistance increase with this mount.


You can also find a special horse riding saddles to compete in races. It is very light and, above all, small. It was designed for those who guide with short stirrups and are specific to compete on the tracks.

Regardless of the types of horse mounts, you can find, what matters is that you bear in mind that this must be appropriate for your activity, and also where it comes from.

Horse Saddles

The quality of the frame will also depend on the material with which it is made, so you should also be very aware of this point; this way you will be able to enjoy comfort and good moments together with the horse.


We hope now you easily choose which types of horse saddles you need for horse riding, we try to engage various types of horse riding saddles.

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