Hoof Boots for horses | Protective boots for your horse’s hoof

Hoof Boots for Horses
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If you ask a person about boots for riders you probably know a few types of these, from those that have spurs to those that only protect the calf area. Today, we prepare this article about hoof boots for horses to protect your horse hoof.

However, many people currently do not really know about the practical operation that can have horse boots.

If, as you read, hoof boots for horses that turn out to be the perfect alternative for today’s helmets, although it is relatively new, it is considered with an incredible potential to be able to help horses avoid many of the current evils.

The content of the article:

1 Why invest in boots?

2 At the time of creating them

3 Why no horseshoe?

4 How to use the hoof boots for horses correctly?

5 What data are needed to buy hoof boots for horses online?

6 Types of hoof boots for horses

7 Are hoop boots for horses the new alternatives to horseshoes?

8 Duration

Why invest in boots?

This system of protection for helmets turns out to be of the most novel thing of the market. It’s avoids significantly the pain that can carry to have nailed some heavy horseshoes.

They are made with a state-of-the-art material that is perfectly adapted to the mobility of the horse.

Hoof Boots for Horses

Of course, the boots will provide the protection that your horse needs from the beginning, that protection can only be perceived when the horse goes through unnatural or aggressive surfaces, for example, cement.

In such a case that the horse is in a transitional phase, the boots will provide him with the help he will need at that moment, either returning that sensitivity to face aggressive terrain where the rider is not present.

Additionally, the horse is not the only one that benefits in this field, the rider also sees the results as it would not be too difficult when the horse goes through a rehabilitation period and is recovering strength because the boots will do that work for him.

When creating them

The technique to make these hoof boots for horses was a long and laborious process of study. Where it was established that in order to achieve protection to the hooves it was not necessary to use heavy and hard materials.

But rather a material made of polyurethane that allows optimizing the natural movements of the animal, generating a biomechanical effort that does not allow to generate extra weight.

In addition to this, it guarantees significantly the power of the same when running without there being a risk of breakage in the boot due to stress.

Made as a tool for work, very easy to place on horses and without using materials that can rust over time inside the horse’s hooves. If you also learn How to care for horses hooves, here we present this article for you.

Hoof Boots

Currently, there are multiple stores worldwide in the branch of domestic and competition horse racing, which define it as the most perfect horse boots on the market.

Being of the last generation and with high resistance to wear, so many professional and curious riders have begun to enter this world of cutting edge technology.

It is necessary to emphasize that the comfort offered to legs of the horse gives him a position over other products more adapted to those needs.

Among its main features is to be respectful and fully adaptable, without removing the resistance as a key factor due to its elastic, powerful and lightweight materials.

Why no horseshoe?

For the horse to be barefoot or without horseshoe is something very natural and healthy. However, these horse hulls have been created with the purpose that the horse can be protected naturally from the semi-desert conditions that occur in the environment.

Thanks to this helmet it is possible for the horse to be able to enjoy the surface on which it is in an excellent condition.

Another purpose of hulls for horses is that they may be able to traverse the different terrains without sensitivity or without the weight of the rider. Since, sometimes the weight of the rider can be a problem for the horse.

How to use the hoof boots for horses correctly?

Hoof Boots

In order to recognize the size of the horse, three indispensable factors must be taken into account. Measure the entire width of the helmet, that is, from end to end. Measure the length of the helmet from the tip of this to the last fold. And finally the smallest measure between one fold and the other, with the intention that the boot allows to adapt much better to the needs of the horse and not be too loose.

What data is needed to buy hoof boots for horses online?

There are different stores that are responsible for providing this service via the Internet. A huge advantage due to a large number of products offered there and with little margin of the commission of shipments. It is important that the photos should be taken with the following rules:

  • Do not use flash, but daylight to take pictures of horses.
  • Use a clean and straight surface to have a better perspective.
  • Clean any imperfections that the horse has in the helmets.
  • Take different photos from different angles (by a helmet), minimum 3.
  • Take pictures along with a measuring tape to measure the helmets and make it as accurate as possible.

Hoof Boots for horses

Data to be filled out by the client:

  • Name of the rider or buyer. Contact phone or email.
  • Choose the model to buy the boots for horse and include the amount.
  • Place the mounting frequency or use of the horse.
  • The type of terrain to which the horse is accustomed.

Extra observations:

  • Is the horse uncomfortable in some other factor?
  • Is the horse at its optimum growth age or can it grow more?
  • Has the horse had injuries before?

Types of hoof boots for horses

Boot Trainer :

Hoof Boots

This type of boot is perfect to try to adapt ergonomically to the horse’s hooves. And improve much more its ability in the field. This type of boot has the characteristic of holding the foot of the horse without eliminating the stress of moving, thus guaranteeing to create a characteristic vacuum without tightening too much on the foot of it.

Boot “Neoprene sock” :

This is used mostly together with the boot trainer, helps eliminate excessive movement of the ankles and significantly improve the stance of the horse.   Neoprene sock helps avoid any type of injury and improve the comfort of it.

Fit kid :

As an extra helmet, this shoe is made to be used ergonomically to the helmets without any type of screw.

Competition boot :

Hoof Boots for Horses

This has the difference of being made with rubber and polyurethane materials. A thermoplastic adapted for almost all life to the tips of horses. This is done to avoid significant stress in the horse’s hooves at high speeds. In addition to preventing wind resistance and also improve much more your natural grip system.

Type Mac :

This style of boot not only has plastic ingredients in its technological recipe. But you want to adapt the fabric as a perfect cushion for the horse’s skin, this helps the horse is completely comfortable and healthy in any walk or competition This has been one of the last ones that have been used. However, it is necessary to know that the extra weight of the fabric usually generates extra pressure on the legs.

Although only happens with very weak horses, for those who are strong and powerful ends up becoming the perfect ally.

Are the hoof boots for horses the new alternatives to horseshoes?

Yes, although there is no specific way to improve the ability of horses in the field and lengthen their working time.

This type of current technology guarantees to exceed all the expectations of the decade, becoming a cheap, effective and simple method to apply.

The boots for horses have become the new solution for the excessive expenses of riders and caretakers. Who had to sacrifice their horses long before time due to simple injuries.


This is one of the most frequent questions among many people when it comes to hearing about boots. The answer simply depends on many factors both in which the horse is found and the handling and use of it.

Hoof Boots for Horses

Among those various factors is:

  • The weight of both the horse that the anger to use and the rider who will always be riding the horse.
  • The work surface.
  • The hours in which the horse will use his work.
  • As are the footsteps of the horse.
  • The speed at which you will be walking the next time.

Normally the duration of them is estimated at three or two years for horses that are training four or three times a week.

On the other hand, if it is the case of a rider who rides his horse daily may last only a year or in some cases a year and a half.


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