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Horse of Alexander the great
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In this article, we will define the true story of a very faithful horse. This horse is called Bucephalus and is the favourite horse of Alexander the Great.

This horse caused much fury among the people of his time, and although today many refer to this as a legend, it is worth noting that it was a real horse. Of course, there is a legend that describes him as a god.

But they are only some alterations, the reality is that it was a horse that accompanied many kings of antiquity and one of them was the great horse of Alexander the Great.

The content of the article:

1 The meaning of the name

2 3 versions of the story

2.1 The first version

2.2 Conquered the horse

3 The second version

4 Third version

5 Some information about Bucephalus

5.1 Doubts in your race

6 A good friend

The meaning of the name

The name of this horse was Bucephalus and this name was given to him why it means bullhead. The name corresponded very well to him because the horse of Alexander had the round head and with the wide forehead and a white line.

So the name is distinguished by the physical characteristics of the horse. Many affirm that the head had the shape of a star and others affirm that it was a bull’s head, but finally, the horse managed to attract the attention horse of Alexander the Great.

Horse of Alexander

Now, in this story there are many versions of Alexander the Great’s horse, let’s review some of them.

There are 3 versions of the story of the favourite horse of Alexander the great

As already mentioned, many legends are told about the horse of Alexander the Great, but the reality of the matter is that the horse did exist.

What sometimes sounds a little unreal are the things that Alejandro did with the horse, let’s see three of the most known versions in history. If you want to know more about famous horses, here we present thoroughbred horse biography.

The  1st Version

Plutarch was one of the first to show his version of the story of the horse of Magno. And, it goes without saying, that this is the most accepted and most traditional version that has been found.

This historian was born in Rome, this gives greater credibility to what he expresses in his version. This historian affirms that the horse was bought by a scant thirteen talents by a King.

This king began to tame that animal and made it very coarse and wild. It seemed to have no kind of nobility, apparently, no one could tame it.

One day came Alexander the Great and realized that the animal was afraid of its own shadow, this served this man to start to tame it.

Conquered the horse

After this, Alejandro realized that if he turned the horse’s head towards the sun, he would be blinded and allowed him to ride it.

And that’s how this man began to tame the horse. The wild animal began to recognize Alejandro as its rider and that was how Alejandro’s father told him to conquer everything he wanted.

Horse of Alexander the great

This fact, apparently, gave strength and confidence to Alejandro to want to conquer any obstacle. And from that moment the horse and Alexander the Great began to be very good companions.

The 2nd Version

This second version turns out to be a little different because it says that Bucephalus was a very wild animal, full of rage.

Filipo built an iron cage where he put the animal and began to scare anyone who disobeyed putting him in the horse’s cage, this created a deep fear in those people.

Many began to remain worthy of Philip so that he would not throw him into the horse’s cage. However, one day King Philip said that anyone who could ride that wild animal would be able to conquer the world.

Horse of Alexander

These words were heard by a young man of 15 years who decided to ride a Bucephalus, this young man was Alexander the Great, this very enterprising young man came to the jauja and began to conquer the animal until he managed to mount it.

3rd Version

As for the latest version, we can note that the horse was a gift from Demaratus of Corinth for Alejandro. This gift motivated this man to ride a horse that had a very peculiar feature on his face.

This peculiarity managed to draw the attention of that man who rode his wild horse and began to conquer the world.

These are the three best-known versions of the story, but as already mentioned you cannot forget that this was a real horse. But what data can we know about Alexander the Great’s horse? Let’s see.

Some facts about the favourite horse of Alexander the great

The first fact that we must not forget is that the horse is a type of real animal and a very wild race.

Wild animals are very difficult to tame, but history has shown that proper techniques can tame the animal.

Horse of Alexander

The conquests of Alexander the Great are remarkable because of the faithful company of his horse and his loyal friend. So much was the relationship that both came to have that a city was named in his name, Alexandria Bucefala.

Nowadays it is possible to find this city in northeastern Pakistan. This shows the friendship they came to have.

Doubts in your race

In what has to do with the race of the animal, it is not known exactly. The different characteristics fail to define the race from which it comes.

The most relevant thing that can be observed of the animal is the round head and that is why it received the name of Bucephalus, which means the head of an ox. It is calculated that there is a possibility that the horse comes from the eastern parts.

A good friend

History shows that both the horse and Alejandro had a beautiful relationship, this horse was faithful.

At first, Alejandro observed the fear of the horse and helped the horse to overcome it, this was perhaps what marked the animal. By taking into account his fear, Alexander being so young, I manage to tame him.

Horse of Alexander

There are studies that indicate that it is possible that the savagery of the animal is due to the fears. And that is why when facing them he feels more capable and more receptive with a rider.

Sadly, when the horse died, Alejandro created a tomb and the name of the city in his honor.


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