Horse Racing – A Brief History Of Modern Horse Racing

Horse Racing
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Virtually everyone knows the modern world of horse racing. It has become an integral part of many modern cultures and this obviously has an understandable reason. This is an exciting sport and one of the best ways to bet money. Only certain sports and gambling sites can match the excitement and suspense associated with the world of horse racing.

Horse racing is a sport rich in tradition that has been used in different forms for thousands of years. This involves challenges between horses and riders competing against each other to reach the finish line first, winning the race. Obviously, the link between the jockey and the horse is essential. No one is sure how much humans started riding horses, but the most ancient testimony concerning the domestication of horses was found in Ukraine between 4000 and 3500 years before Christ. Other scholars suggest that humans began to domesticate horses between 3500 and 3000 before Christ, in what is now modern Kazakhstan.

Horse racing should be rooted in famous ancient sculptures, including Persia, Greece, Egypt and Babylon. Many of these ancient horse races featured a towed buggy behind the horse, an aspect that went as far as modern racing. Ancient contests were often characterized by death and violent injuries and this helped to attract a very large audience.

When people think of horse racing, often in their imagination the race takes place on a “flat” course. The runs on the plane refer to a typical race that takes place on a track of land, lawn or flat synthetic surface, which normally takes place on an oval course of the race. The jockeys mount the horse helping him and guiding him to the final line. The oldest horse race on a flat surface took place on a four-mile track in the year 1174 after Christ, and from that time horse racing quickly became popular during festivals and fairs in Britain and throughout Europe.

The breed of thoroughbred horses refers to the specific breeding of horses that are descendants of three stallions imported “from the east” to be paired with English mares. These three stallions enjoyed Turkish, Arab and Berber descendants. These are very resistant breeds and particularly fast horses. The breeding of these three stallions began between 1680 and 1740 and at the end of the 18th century, they became among the predominant breeds in the world. Thoroughbred breeding quickly became one of the most popular horse breeding types in England and Europe, and the result was the beginning of thoroughbred competitions.

This would have led to the birth of the “English Classic” races. In 1776 the Epsom Oaks race was structured to test the three-year-old fillies against each other. The Epsom Derby began just three years later. The next major race saw its birth in 1809, it was the 2000 Guineas and in 1814 the 1000 Guineas was born. Also these races were dedicated only to the fillies, but later the races also included other thoroughbred horses.

Thoroughbred breeding rapidly spread to the Americas and subsequently throughout the world. The spread of thoroughbred breeding developed hand in hand with the purebred racing style. The first pure blood was purchased in Virginia in 1730 and from then on several breeding centers were born in Maryland, Virginia, and anywhere else within the colonies. After independence from Great Britain, while America expanded its territories to the west, thoroughbred horses and horse races moved beyond the borders. In 1875, the most prestigious racecourse in America was founded in Kentucky: the Churchill Downs. At the beginning of the 20th century,

It is easy to understand that horse racing is a rich sporting tradition that has developed in different forms throughout human civilization. Modern horse racing follows many of the same principles of ancient racing and retains many of the excitement and excitement that has always been so characteristic of this sport. Anyone can enjoy the taste of a legacy that is lost in time, just visit a local racecourse and enjoy the chance to bet on the races, or simply enjoy the experience sitting on the stands and enjoying the excitement.

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