Horse riding for children | A sport that benefits everyone

Horse riding for children
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Horse riding for children is a sport that brings many health benefits for everyone. In addition to improving their physical abilities, it helps children to increase their self-confidence and learn the value of perseverance, willpower, and concentration. Today we prepare this article about horse riding for children, and we try to engage all information horse riding benefits for children.

Horse riding is a very rewarding sport for children since they usually feel special sympathy for horses. Practicing horse riding will not only be a beneficial exercise for them, but it will also give them the opportunity to know, care for and learn to respect these beautiful animals. Through this fun activity, you will exercise your body and acquire values ​​for your daily life.

Horsemanship, which includes the disciplines of jumping, dressage, and complete competition, consists of dominating the horse, maintaining its control and learning to manage it. Olympic sport since 1900, can be practiced by children from 4 years of age. We tell you all about horse riding for children.

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  • Horse riding for children, when to start?
  • Riding a horse, always well dressed
  • Riding a horse, always well dressed
  • Horse riding benefits

Here we share some benefits horse riding for children

Horse riding for children, when to start?

Horse riding consists of mastering the horse and knowing how to guide it, including sports jumping, dressage, and complete competition. Despite needing to maintain control of the animal, children can start practicing equestrian from 4 years of age.

“In the equestrian, the size of the horse must adapt to the physical capabilities of the rider”

Horse riding for children

When a child decides to start in this sport, it is recommended that he attend a school that has horses and ponies suitable for his height and physical strength. In addition, it is essential that you have qualified instructors who can guide you and avoid accidents.

One of these schools, the exercises that the child practices will be adapted to their abilities and abilities. In equestrian, stature, weight and physical form play a fundamental role. As the child grows and improves his dexterity, he will practice with older horses and more difficult exercises. Of course, your child needs a smaller horse does not mean that their learning is slower.

Riding a horse, always well dressed

In riding, it is essential to wear the right clothes. The equipment can be uncomfortable, but it will help prevent injuries in the event of falls or accidents. Below, we offer a list of essential elements for horse riding in children, in addition to other recommended tools:

  • The helmet is the most important garment of the entire It must fit the size of the head and be approved by the equestrian federations.
  • T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts or comfortable sweaters that cover the entire arm should be worn on the upper part of the body. In addition, if they have zippers or buttons they will need to be fastened securely to prevent their flight from frightening the horse.

Horse riding for children

  • For the lower part, it is recommended to use breeches , since they are adjusted and fit the saddle. As for footwear, rubber boots are ideal for children. Here we give some tips how to choose the right horse riding boots.
  • They are also highly recommended, although not mandatory, They will avoid scratches or blisters by rubbing the reins.
  • Another element that is not mandatory but is essential in almost all training is the whip, as it is a help for the realization of some movements. A whip is never to punish the animal.

Horse riding benefits for children

“Being responsible for the care and protection of the horse, children will learn respect, solidarity and a sense of duty”

Child riding is not simply a sport or a hobby for children. In addition to fun, this practice provides numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. It is therefore not surprising that currently is used increasingly hippotherapy. This alternative treatment helps to alleviate various physical and psychological disorders in children.

6 Benefits of horse riding

Horse riding for children

  1. Improve physical Horse riding is an excellent practice to develop muscles and strengthen joints and mobility. It also enhances the balance, motor coordination and guidance of children.
  2. Horseback riding helps children learn to manage their daily problems and conflicts. They will develop self-confidence, self-control and improve their self-esteem. In fact, many therapists often recommend equestrian to deal with phobias or difficulties to regulate their emotions.
  3. Horse riding is a very demanding exercise. It requires dexterity, dedication, time, perseverance and a lot of concentration in technique, skills that children will develop with this practice. Therefore, this sport is also often used to help children with horse riding.
  4. It favors the socialization since in the equestrian it is important that the child creates a close bond with the animal. Teamwork, horse and child, is essential. This activity will stimulate their verbal and non-verbal expression, and the child will be able to apply these skills to their social relationships.
  5. Although many children may initially be startled by the size of the horse, getting close to them will give them great positive values. Being responsible for the care and protection of the horse, children will learn respect, solidarity and a sense of duty. In addition, they will develop a love for nature and, especially, for animals.
  6. Although equestrianism is associated with elite sports, it is an extremely beneficial activity for children and people affected by various The growing interest in this sport has made the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation, together with other riding clubs, strengthen the organization of courses and camps to stimulate their practice from an early age.


We hope this article, helps you and your children if your children love to a  horse riding. Please read this article carefully and check all the points and make sure safety for your child before horse riding.

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