Horse riding training guide for beginners

Horse riding training
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Horse riding is a sport that makes you be in constant contact with nature. The relationship established with the horse can only be explained by those who practice this sport. Within riding, we find the dressage, the basis for any discipline. But that goes much further, are tests of 5 to 7 minutes in which the horse and rider must perform a series of exercises that will be scored from 1 to 10 by 3 or 5 judges depending on the test. We prepare this article A to Z horse riding training for beginners. The jump of obstacles consists in jumping the obstacles without throwing any stick in the shortest possible time. Raid, Complete, Doma Vaquera, Polo, and Alta Escuela are other well-known disciplines.

Here we offer all the information you need to know more about horse riding training.

Horse riding training disciplines

These are some of the modalities and disciplines of riding more known and practiced:

Dressage :

Horse riding training

The basis for any discipline but that goes much further for those who practice it. They are tests of 5 to 7 minutes in which the horse and rider must perform a series of exercises that will be scored from 1 to 10 by the judges. Depending on the test there will be 3 or 5 judges. It is said to be the basis of any discipline because taming is the first thing the horse must learn. Following dressage at a lower level, horses are ready to learn other disciplines. However, the riders and amazons who practice dressage are those who have more problems when it comes to achieving the perfection of the exercises performed. Many say that it is the most complicated discipline of all, and that dressage is considered true art.

Jump of obstacles :

It consists of making a tour in the shortest possible time and without throwing any stick. Each stick that is thrown will be 4 points. The more points are the worse the score. Here we give some tips and advice for winning horse races.

Raid :

Horse raiding training in which the horse and rider must make a tour of the field. In the tour, you will find different natural or artificial jumps that must overcome. It is more complicated than the jump since you play with the nature factor. And that a single obstacle gets to have meters of separation. It is the jump for the most adventurous.

Complete :

Well-formed by undecided or by those who love both the dressage and the show jumping. If at first, you can think that these two disciplines are opposite, full riders are the exception that confirms the rule.

Cowgirl dressage :

Is done by those who are more linked to the field. Very common in Andalusia. Exercises similar to those of dressage are carried out but in a more accelerated way.


Horse riding training

It is a sport in which two teams of four players each mounted on horseback, try to take plastic or wooden ball to the opposite goal.

High school :

It is a discipline in which the horse performs a series of exercises but in this case, the rider is grounded. The Royal High School of Andalusian Equestrian Art Foundation is one of the pioneers along with the School of Vienna.

Horse riding training for the competition

The competition is considered a fundamental factor for those who practice this sport. Whatever the discipline, it is important to go to competitions. Riding competitions not only serve to compete with other riders and horses but are important to know the opinion of the judges on the performance of your horse, to know if you are on the right track or if on the contrary, training is not is being effective.

Horse riding training

Depending on the discipline the riding competition will be one way or another. They are usually three-day competitions, which most of the time are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The tests to be performed are divided into minors and adults. The categories of minors will depend on how old they are. We can find fry, children, juveniles 0 *, juveniles, and young riders.

The tracks of the competitions must be regulatory and have the meters established in the RFHE. The number of horses per test is not established. There will be tests in which three horses have registered, and others in which there will be 100 riders who will have to compete to get the gold. To go to a national competition we must be federated in the RFHE, pay the registration and have the guide of the horse up to date. So horse riding is considered an expensive sport.

Equipment for horse riding training

The equipment for the rider is essential if you want to practice riding. It is essential to start some pants, helmet, gloves, and boots. The boots can be rubber or leather if you choose the second, usually make them measure and the price will be much higher than if you buy a rubber or rubber. For beginners and children, it is advisable to use some rubber since you may not like the sport or the foot grows and it is not worth spending 200 or 300 $ minimum that cost you some leather compared to 30 that you can cost the rubber ones.

The equipment for the horse usually has higher prices than that of the rider. The main thing is a saddle with the actions of stirrups and stirrups, bridle with fillet and bite, bandages or guards, bells, sweats, blockhead, branch, rope, carabiner, flanges, drying blankets, winter, fanny packs, reins German if necessary, earmuffs if your horse is scary, horse cleaning equipment with brushes, clean helmets, scissors, comb, kit etc.

Care and feeding of the horse

The care and feeding of the horse are fundamental for its health and sporting performance. The feeding of the horse should be given three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. A good amount of fodder is essential so that the horse does not stay hungry and eat the straw in the bed or fool around with the chip. The amount of hay and I think we throw to our horse will depend fundamentally on its weight, age, physical activity and the quality of the forage. The normal thing is to throw about 3 hay books and a dipper or a pot and a half of I think about breakfast, something more about food, and the same amount as at breakfast at dinner.

Horse riding training

As we have already said, care is very important for your health, beyond training the way in which this care, hygiene, and bed form a fundamental factor. The beds of the horses must be high enough so that they do not rub against the ground and thus prevent future injuries. They can be straw or chip, depending on the horse. And finally, we will talk about the hardware. The ironwork is also very important in riding since the whole training will depend on us and will prevent injuries. The normal thing is to call the farrier once every 20 or 30 days to get new horseshoes and trim our helmets.

Horse riding training for beginners

If we want to dedicate ourselves to riding competition, training is the most important part to achieve high performance. There is no exact training method that ensures sporting success since each horse is a world. We can not do the same training for all horses whatever the discipline, we can not even follow the same training for a single horse because depending on the level you are in, we will need to work it in one way or another.

On the other hand, many times we believe that the more we work on a horse, the better we are doing it. That is a big mistake. It is true that the average work for each horse is about an hour, but it is not always the case. The horse riding training of a horse is very varied. Sometimes it will take an hour, an hour and a half, even in an excessive and very punctual two hours, and at other times 30 minutes will be enough.

To know which training is right for your horse, you will have to propose some short-term objectives and solve the problems that may arise along the way to improve them. If you alone are not able to find the right job. It’s best to have the help of a professional. A coach to help you with everything you need.

Suitable facilities for horse riding

Having adequate facilities is important when considering the comfort in which your horse will be found. Many times due to the high price that these facilities require. We have to establish our horse in others of lower quality. It is one of the drawbacks of riding.

The one that we have some good tracks where to train, being of geotextile the best ones, some big and padded blocks, a waiter that meets the needs of our horse, a walker, a covered at least for the days of cold and rain, a tack or several wide, even a gallop track makes the price increase. All this accompanied by a bar or a restaurant to meet our needs make an equestrian. The perfect place to spend Saturdays and Sundays after riding.

Horse riding training

The prices of an equestrian with these facilities and boarding can reach $ 1000, without taking into account many times the waiter. Nor is the horse’s diet included in the price. However, there is also a lower level equestrian, with smaller tracks, which are usually not regulated. But that allows you to work the horse properly and of silica earth, blocks of smaller size and without padding and tack. These equestrian sports have a much lower price, of around $ 300 or $ 400 per month with boarding, feeding and waiter and/or trainer included.

Sports coach for horse riding training

On many occasions, horse riding professionals have the help of a sports coach or psychologist. There are also many cases in which personal trainers are used. And, sports coaches or psychologists can become very useful in your sports career.

At first glance, it may seem silly but in this sport, the mood and performance are very close. By depending on an animal, there may be times when things do not go as you expect or as you want. That you are working every day and you get good results at home. But when going out to the contest track it is a disaster. For all this, the help of a coach does not hurt.

Horse riding training

There are many riders and amazons who lose their self-confidence or who sink and do not know where to go when things are not right. There the coach has a fundamental role. They can help you to recover your confidence and know where to go, to control your nerves before entering the track. See your possible failures from the psychological point of view in the competition. Even to control the faces and gestures that come to Put in the effort while you compete.


We hope this article about horse riding training. It’s very helpful for you if you learn A to Z horse riding. We try to gather all the information about riding.

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