How to bathe a horse?

bathe a horse
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Water sometimes scares horses

Some horses that have never bathed before may be afraid of the hose and splashing water. Therefore, introduce the horse with water in advance, it would be wonderful to walk with her to the pond or to large tanks.

Use the appropriate occasion

If the reason is very large, it can lead to unpleasant consequences – a horse in a panic will break free and may cause injury to himself or others. If the reason is too small, you will not control your horse properly either.

Find your partner

The safest way to bathe is to find a partner, for example, someone from the same club. While you wash the horse, the partner will be able to hold it. Although of course, you can wash your mount alone. But I do not advise you to do this if you are not familiar with a horse or if this is its first swimming. Also be careful with the equipment – some horses do not like when they are tied up and can start kicking. Listen to the horse’s behavior and be alert.

bathe a horse

Watch out for slippery surfaces

Wet concrete is slippery for a horse, so your horse may slip and fall. Many stables have special mats and rugs – use them to protect your horse. Make sure that the room where you wash your horse has a good outflow of water: otherwise, instead of washing the horse, at some point you will find that you both are knee-deep in water.

Follow the instructions

Before swimming it is useful to comb your horse, do it slowly, from top to bottom. Do not rub the horse completely – I use the brush only to remove large dirt. After that, washing the horse will be much easier.

Turn on the water in the hose and let it flow for some time, let the horse get used to the sounds of water and its presence nearby. Get the horse’s hooves wet first, then slowly move up the horse’s legs. Direct the water directly onto the skin and hold it a little so that the horse is used to the water temperature. Be careful and do not direct the stream of water on the horse’s face. Continue to wash the whole body gradually until the horse is completely wet. To clean the face, use a special sponge or sponge. Watch the horse’s legs, because, because of the stress, it can react to any sudden movement of yours and kick, so do not forget about caution!

Squeeze a little shampoo onto the sponge and gently but carefully apply the foam on the horse’s body. Wipe the horse’s face with a sponge and shampoo, avoiding contact with the detergent in the horse’s eyes.

Rinse the horse from the shampoo in the same way as we did in the beginning: from the hooves and then going up. Gently wash the shampoo off the face with a clean sponge. Do not leave the skin cleanser, it can cause irritation. It is better to wash the skin of the horse several times until the water flowing from the body becomes clear. Run your hand over the skin; if the shampoo is left somewhere, you will feel it in your palm.

Use a special scraper to remove water from the skin. Do not press hard on the brush during cleaning, but the pressure should be sufficient for the water to be removed. It is better not to use a scraper on the face and legs, but to limit to a clean and dry towel.

Bring your horse for a walk to dry off, but not letting go of the reins. Better place to dry faster – walk in the sun. But do not let go of the horse to graze on its own: most horses begin to immediately roll in the dust – then all your efforts will be in vain.

But do not bathe your horse often, because washing removes natural lubricant from the skin and dries it. But still it is sometimes worth the time and effort to wash your pet.

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