How to care for a horse in summer

horse in summer
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Horses get used to the cold much better. Surely many of you already know. That’s why summer is a tremendously complicated season for our equine friend, so it needs special care. That’s why today, we prepare this article for you how to care your horse in summer.

This is mainly due to the fact that the horse is warm-blooded. Therefore, the summer heat creates several problems that we must correct.

At Equus line, we are very aware of this. At the doors of these months, we believe it is important to review all the necessary care for a horse in summer and we will see through this article.

As we anticipate, in summer the horse suffers great dehydration and gets very tired. In addition, in this season there is a greater influx of insects that can be very annoying for our horses and even provoke an infection. Therefore, stay tuned!

The content of the summery:

  • Questions to keep in mind to refresh your horse in summer
  • Hydration
  • Showering a horse
  • A fresh environment, the best solution
  • Free of insects
  • Exercise

Here we present how to care your horse in summer

Questions to keep in mind to refresh your horse in summer

It is very important to detect certain key factors to keep our horse healthy during the months of higher temperatures. During the summer, this animal suffers severe dehydration and much exhaustion.

Along with the above, the heat produces the arrival of insects that bother horses and can even cause infections. To avoid all these situations, you have to consider some care.


When heat tightens, we need more water. This is a truism that in the case of horses is much more remarkable. For this, we must leave the horse full access to the water you need. As always, this water must be fresh and clean, paying particular attention to the hygiene of the automatic drinkers.

horse in summer

Similarly, the temperature of the water is also important, so we must pay attention to the access of the drinkers. The ideal water temperature that horses prefer is between 10º and 14ºC. By the way! We must also bear in mind that, with sweating, the horse loses mineral salts. We advise you to consult with the veterinarian to provide some supplement.

Another way to maintain the correct hydration of our horse in summer is moistening the hay from which it feeds. In this way, it moisturizes while being entertained. We already know what horses like to enjoy patiently food;). If you have a racehorse you must read this article how to racehorse care in winter, with 5 basic tips.

Showering a horse

Moisturizing, externally, our horse, will also help you through this hot season. Now, you have to know how to shower a horse, especially if you have finished exercising recently. Thus, showering our horse without further ado and suddenly can be harmful. It should be done once you have stopped sweating and starting gently so that you do not notice a sudden temperature change that could affect your musculoskeletal system.

We can start at the extremities of the horse, then continue with kidneys and back with a wet sponge and so acclimate gradually.

A fresh environment, the best solution

horse in summer

The body temperature of a horse is high. In particular, the normal temperature of a horse is between 37º and 38ºC. That’s why extreme heat affects you so much. In addition to hydration, it is essential that you sit in a cool environment. If it is outside, it is convenient to have spaces with shadows where it can be cooler. Similarly, when in the barn it is convenient that in the corridors there is some kind of light current that renews the air constantly.

Insects, a common problem during the summer

The influx of insects during the hot months is much higher. They can be not only annoying for the horse, but it can generate various problems such as summer dermatitis.

Keeping insects out of reach of our horse is a must, as they can be extremely annoying. So that this does not happen, we must be attentive to various issues.

For example, if horses have access to water in lakes, small rivers, lagoons, etc. the animal should not approach during dawn and dusk to these places, because it is the time when there are more insects during the day.

In the stables, it is necessary to maintain a correct cleaning of the environment, at the same time that it can be prevented by placing grids to prevent the passage of mosquitoes, as well as the placement of plants that repel mosquitoes or insecticides, among other measures.


The heat strongly affects horses and, above all, their exercise. In the summer, horses are exhausted much earlier, at the same time that they have difficulty recovering their energy. Therefore, in summer the horse has to reduce the intensity of its work. Under normal conditions, you must do half and effort than in the rest of the months of the year. If you have a racing horse, please give him rest in summer.

horse in summer

Remember all these points when caring for your horse in summer. Keep in mind that our equine friend is especially sensitive to heat and give him the best you know. We are sure that you will appreciate it;).


We hope now you easily take care of your horse in summer after reading this article, and if you think we forget some important point about horse care in summer, please comment below. we wish you always keep your horse healthy and ensure your horse smile.

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