How to choose the right horse riding boots

horse riding boots
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We have to bear in mind that horse riding, and its various modalities, is a sport and as such, the practice free of injuries and discomforts needs an adequate wardrobe, to cushion or protect the most sensitive areas. We prepare this article for you about how to choose the right horse riding boots.

Here we write some advice to choose the right horse riding boots

A horseman rides a horse

If in addition, we add to this, the fact that we have to adapt to the horse and the environment in which it develops, we find the ideal conditions to say that a good horse riding boots is essential for riding.

horse riding boots

And if there is an item in our wardrobe that cannot be missing, this is the boots (in addition to a suitable pair of pants and a good helmet). Therefore, here are some tips for choosing horse riding boots, depending on the type of activity you do.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that your boots are the perfect ally to protect you from possible horse footsteps; as well as, to avoid a bad position or grip the stirrup. Therefore, remember that now the most important thing is to choose comfortable footwear, and above all, safe.

What should I keep in mind for the selection?

As general aspects, regardless of the modality you practice, we remind you of the importance of the boots holding your ankle well. This is subject to impacts and works as a buffer of our movements when we are driven by the horse’s own activity. Therefore, a good adjustment to it will reduce the possibility of injury.

Equally, you should know that, when the boot is resting on the footboard, there is a risk that it will get stuck in it … Imagine the risk of being caught in a leg before a fall! To prevent these situations, it is essential that the front is not too high or wide.

Also, as we discussed at the beginning of the post, the horses, although docile and good friends of man, can be unpredictable: the footprints are frequent, and strong footwear reduces much possible damage.

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horse riding boots

And of course, it has to allow mobility. Our feet are an important way of contacting the horse: so in addition to being made with strong material, it must be flexible so that it does not limit our activity.

Finally, remember that boots, especially at the beginning of their use, may seem somewhat uncomfortable. Of course, the footwear that we use for day to day is different from that necessary for equestrian activities. So calm, with the uses you will get to adapt the boot to what you need.

We also recommend the use of long socks to avoid possible chafing.

What types of horse riding boots should I avoid using?

The first thing you should keep in mind is not to wear sports shoes, mountain boots or any other footwear that, although it may seem comfortable, is not really suitable for equestrian practice.

Also, if there is some type of boot that we recommend not to use, are those made with plastic or rubber. The problem of the same, despite the economy that can result, is that the heat and maintain humidity. In addition, this material causes the boots to be very difficult to put on, especially after playing sports.

horse riding boots

High or low cane?

One of the most frequent questions is the height of the boot. Although the answer to this question depends on the modality, the use of high-top boots (even below the knees) is generally recommended. In this way, the leg enjoys greater protection, and the possible rubbing by the movement does not harm the horse.

Even so, next, we show you the most suitable horse riding boots according to the type of activity.

The best horse riding boots depending on the discipline.

If rubber boots are the worst option for equestrian sports and leather is the best material for them, what characteristics should they have depending on the activity?

Choosing the right horse riding boots is essential for riding

If you usually practice a specific discipline, and you look for the best boots for it, we leave you the following recommendations:

Boots for field

In this case, the ideal ones are boots or hard boots, with a thick sole and that is isolated from water or moisture.

Boots for jump

horse riding boots

In this modality, staying coordinated with the horse is fundamental. During the jump, the rider must rise at the same time as the horse, and for this, he needs flexible footwear, able to adapt to the movement without exerting resistance.

Therefore, the best thing is a soft and soft boot, ideally with laces in the instep area, and with a front or back zipper.

Boots for hunting

In this discipline boots or boots with gaiters are used, and the design is usually taken care of, to such an extent that boots with unseen zip are usually used (located in the back part or in the lateral interior).

Cross boots

The Cross is a sport that integrates the aspects of the jump, with the demands of the cross country. Hence the need to combine the flexibility of jumping with a somewhat stronger sole.

Raid boots

Since this is a discipline of speed and endurance, in which the comfort of the horse and that of the rider must be taken into account; In order to make the effort more bearable, we recommend particularly comfortable footwear.

Therefore, flexible, comfortable and waterproof booties are ideal for this modality.

Dressage boots

In this case, the boot must be somewhat stiffer. Therefore, remember to use it several times until they are fully adapted and comfortable.

horse riding boots

Also, if you combine riding with work at the foot of the ground, remember to wear insulating boots of moisture, mud, and dirt. For this, the conditions of the sole are fundamental: a thick sole, in which the mud does not adhere and resistant is the best options.

If there is an item in our wardrobe that cannot be missing, this is the boots

What to do after using the boots?

Since footwear is your perfect ally for riding, do not forget to take care of them after use.

The first thing you should do is remove the remains of dust or dirt, with water and a rag. Subsequently, we recommend the use of a soap or cream on the surface.

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