How to recover a malnourished horse

malnourished horse
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A malnourished horse is a problem for those who want to recover it. Not for the poor equine, which is not to blame for anything, much less, but for the challenge involved. And also because of the anger, it gives to see that someone so unscrupulous has left in such conditions to such a special animal.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to focus on how we can recover a malnourished horse. A subject that at first can be very painful, but bear in mind that if it is recovered, we will have achieved something really beautiful and wonderful. Stay tuned!

The malnourished horse, an increasingly frequent news

There are many factors that have caused us to know more and more cases about malnourished horses. This type of news always fills us with horror, since we love horses as if they were people.

The Civil Guard found in a farm in Huelva 12 abandoned horses and starving. This happened in the month of December of 2017.

Also in Huelva, the Seprona located 11 horses – 6 mares, a colt, two donkeys and two mules – abandoned. Two of them, in danger of death. The news is from January 2018.

The Civil Guard found 90 horses in a clandestine livestock farm in Granada, many of them in danger of death. This news is from November 2017.

malnourished horse

Add and follow. A news or two a week about horses that are abandoned. Honestly, it is to mourn.

The reality, cursed as it sounds, is that the horse market has been paralyzed a lot in recent years. For those with economic problems, you may not even be able to give your horses away so you do not have to abandon them.

Thus, the increase in these cases has been consistent with the economic problems of this country. On the one hand, we find situations in which horses were used in farms that no longer provide income and have been abandoned to their fate, while in other cases they have been a mere passing whim.

Many people who have bought a horse, like other animals, have not conceived it as a living being that requires constant and lasting care and responsibility. They are not objects!

Luckily, little by little we are getting some awareness on this issue, but there is still a lot to be generalized in our society!

The recovery of a malnourished horse

Now, let’s imagine that we have a farm where we have our horses and we want to take care of a malnourished horse. What should we do? Let’s see each one of these steps.

To inform the authorities

Whether it is a horse that we have met or one that we have voluntarily given, we must communicate it to the competent authorities, such as Seprona. In this way, we can obtain all the necessary regulations to become owners of the equine.

Isolation and revision of the horse

malnourished horse

In the first place, what is necessary is to know what the initial condition of the malnourished horse is. To do this, the trusted veterinarian must perform a thorough analysis, including blood tests, cultures of the respiratory system and body weight index to determine what problems the horse may have.

The best thing is that all this process is done previously with the horse isolated from the other equines. This is because if a horse is malnourished, it is more than likely that it has a multitude of parasites and can infect the rest, having to go through a deworming process.

In the same way, it will be necessary to analyze the causes of its thinness. It can be for lack of a good diet or also for some type of illness, something that the analyzes will dictate. In addition to this lack of good nutrition, horses can have respiratory problems and a clearly damaged immune system.

Feeding a malnourished horse

In case it is not due to an illness, the horse has a nutrition problem related to the lack of a good diet. In this situation, we must take very specific measures to recover the horse.

We have to remember that the horse’s organism is very complex for its feeding, even if it is healthy. Therefore, you must eat many times throughout the day and in small quantities. Now, imagine a malnourished horse!

malnourished horse

That’s why it’s not enough to give him all the water and I think he wants to eat. Most likely he had trouble digesting the food. It is necessary to begin little by little so that the organism begins to carburize, especially the liver and the kidneys.

You must have a sufficient amount of water in the box, although the use of an automatic drinker is not recommended so you do not get bored. Regarding your diet, it is advisable to start with soft hay or feed for older horses so that it is recovered little by little.

In this sense, a veterinarian or equine nutritionist will have to monitor its evolution, taking into account that the primary phase is to recover the intestinal flora of the horse. For this, it may be necessary to administer antibiotics.

Cleaning and care of the malnourished horse

Together with the possible diseases that must be alleviated as quickly as possible, it is evident that the conditions of cleaning and their care must be much more considered. The malnourished horse has a much weaker immune system, so it can get sick more easily.

You have to pay special attention to two parts of the horse that may have been very affected: their teeth and their hooves. If you want to know more about horse hooves care, here we present this article for you.

malnourished horse

The teeth need a revision since they are essential for it to feed properly. As for the helmets, their fragility has been able to make their angle has changed considerably, having to correct it. If so, you should not do too many movements until it is restored.

With these tips, it is possible that you get to recover the horse, although other times, unfortunately, there is not much to do. Remember to always follow the vet whores. Oh! And at first you may feel distrustful, but it is very normal, having been abandoned to your fate.


The article of gives opinions and recommendations of the professional team, they are not diagnostic. For each particular case or problem in your horses, we recommend that you contact a professional, who makes the diagnosis for the horse. We always advise you, if you find any changed behavior in your horse, don’t be late to consult your trusted veterans experts.

Have a nice day!!

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