How to taming a horse for horse riding?

taming a horse
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Do you want to know how to taming a horse? When you have just acquired one, although legally it is yours, in reality, he will not feel of the family unless you earn his trust. We cannot forget that, no matter how accustomed to the presence of humans it is, just as there is not a single equine, neither are we people the same. Our character, our way of acting, our movements, … everything is unique, and our future furry friend knows it.

Therefore, when we ask ourselves how to tame a horse we have to keep in mind that unless we treat it with respect, patience, and affection, we will not be able to enjoy the company of this magnificent animal.

Here we share some tips and advice to taming a horse for riding

How to earn the trust of a horse?

The first step in learning how to taming a horse is that the animal trusts you. To gain the confidence of a horse we actually have to act in the same way that we would if we wanted to make friends with any other domestic animal, only much bigger and stronger. This means that we must observe their movements and their gaze to know how far it will allow us to reach . For example, if we get too close and we see that he turns his head and / or begins to move his legs in a nervous way, the best thing is that we take a step back.

taming a horse

It is very important that you see us as something positive, so we can take fodder and use it so that little by little we get closer. Once we are at his side, we will stand to the side, near the head, so he can see us and we will give it to him while we caress him and talk to him. It is very possible that he does not understand us, but he will understand the tone of voice: a soft tone will reassure him; however, a sharp and/or nervous tone will make you feel insecure.

Never, under any circumstances, we have to mistreat him (hitting, screaming, neglecting him). This, in addition to being a crime, will not help but scare the horse. Also, we do not have to walk behind or in front of him either. Horses are prey animals, they need to have everything under control: if they do not know where we are, they could give us a kick without us even noticing.

You have to be patient and go step by step. We will only teach you a new trick when you have learned the previous one. This way, it will be much easier to learn.

How to start training to taming a horse?

Put on the halter and the embouchure

The halter is an accessory that will be very useful to work with our horse. But before you even put it on, we should get it to get used to our hands, putting them near your head, ears, and neck. You have to do it slowly, always being in sight of the animal, to avoid being scared. We will reward him with every little achievement he has achieved.

taming a horse

When you feel much more comfortable, we will show you the halter. You have to let him see it and smell it. It is also important that we brush his nose with him. After a few days, we will put it on without fastening and we will see its reaction: if it looks calm, perfect, we will take it off and the next day we will put it on; but if he looks nervous, we’ll take it off and spend a little more time getting used to it.

Once we can put the halter on him without feeling uncomfortable, we’ll show him the bridle. We will do the same as with the halter: we will go through the head and snout, and we can even let the bite (with care). A few days later, we’ll get used to the embouchure. To make it easier for you we can place a layer of molasses on it; In this way, it will be more pleasant.

Finally, we will have to put the pieces of the ears, without adjusting the straps.

Teach you to work with the branch

When using the branch, we can guide horse calf around an area that must have a minimum diameter of 18 meters. Each session should last 10 minutes in the beginning. Later they should be lengthening little by little. So, what we will do is place the branch in the halter carefully, without making sudden movements or moving away from the animal.

Learn to show yourself as a guide

With the branch, we can start teaching him some commands like “high”, “standing”, “walk” and “back”. But in addition, the horse must respect our space. We have to walk about 30cm behind the shoulder. If you get too close, with your hand we will exert a little pressure on one side.

taming a horse

Important: being a guide does not mean being the “master and mistress” of the horse. The theory of the “leader of the pack” serves only to make the animal live with tension. But, of course, it is not about letting him do everything he wants: we are his caregivers, and we have to teach him. We have to teach him to think for himself, I insist, with respect, patience and rewards when he does something right.

Put the saddle

The mount is an accessory that will allow us to get on the horse. To do this, we have to do the same as we did with the halter: we will teach it, we will let it see it and smell it, and then we will hold it over its back (without touching it). If it is quiet, we will place the saddle pad and leave it for a few minutes. In case you are very nervous, we will remove it and put it on again when it is quieter.

taming a horse

Once accustomed, we will place the saddle slowly while we talk to him and caress him. We’ll leave it for a few minutes and then we’ll take it off. We will do this several times over a few days so that it gradually becomes familiar.

The next step will be to fasten the cinch, a little every day, above all is nervous or stressed. As soon as we have managed to adjust it to the end, we will lean gently on its back. You’ve got it? If so, it’s time to get used to the stirrups while working with the branch.

Train it to mount it

With the saddle and stirrups on, the time has come for us to ride the horse. For this, what we will do is place one foot on the corresponding footboard, and the other foot on the other footboard. We must be careful not to kick the horse, so we have to climb the saddle slowly, without frightening him. As a reward, we will give you a caress.

taming a horse

So that there are no unpleasant surprises, it is very important that an experienced rider is present when we go to ride the first few times to the horse, as it can be very dangerous. Before you riding we suggest 5 basic security elements.

How long does it take to taming a horse?

It will depend on the horse itself and its rider, but it can easily take 1 year. This is why patience is so important and respect the animal at all times.

And you, do you know more tricks or tips that help us learn how to taming a horse correctly?

With patience and respect, you can taming your horse

With work and perseverance, you will see how you will achieve very good results.

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