5 mistakes to avoid when starting horse riding

horse riding
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Riding a horse is the dream of all children, who has never dreamed of riding a horse and galloping carefree? In fact, when it comes to horse riding, there are many people who don’t know that practicing this sport, brings so many difficulties of preparation both for the jockey and for the horse itself.

Before getting on the horse you have to learn to know it and understand it and not vice versa, it doesn’t have to be the jockey to command the horse but he must simply follow himself the moves and the will of the horse without forcing it and stressing the poor beast in a cruel way.

In this guide you will find in detail all the errors that you absolutely must avoid if you are about to start horse riding.

horse riding

1) Start without an instructor

Riding a horse may seem an easy and self-managing thing, it is not like that, and before riding you have to look for a good instructor who knows very well the nature of horses and all that is essential to know before starting to practice this beautiful and fascinating sport. So you have to follow everything recommended by the instructor.

2) Neglecting the mantle of the horse

The horse is a very beautiful and elegant animal to see, but to manage it is not a very simple and delicate operation as it might appear, in fact the horse needs a lot of care and sometimes even very tiring. To groom the horse’s coat, which must be done correctly and regularly, it takes a lot of energy and grace, because you have to use and know the right technique.

3) Pamper the horse

Many believe that the horse does not have its needs and tend to cuddle it and pretend that he too responds to the excessive care given to each other. The horse has its needs and its way of doing everything of its own, so we must not expect it to obey the commands automatically, instead it is the man who must learn to know it and follow it.

4) Riding with inadequate clothing

Before getting on the horse, you must also be dressed appropriately, certainly even the right clothing is important to be able to practice riding properly and professionally. To ride, you need to wear tight pants at the ankles or boots to avoid disasters during a fall.

5) Riding in unsafe areas

Before embarking on a ride you need to know the place where you have to go. A safe place for a proper ride is an open area, without fences, stairways, trees with very low branches. It is much better to choose racetracks suitable for horse riding.

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