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Morgan Horse
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Hi all! We have not talked about horse breeds for a long time, so we want to do it today. In particular, we talk about the American Morgan horse, a very peculiar breed that has been very influential in other breeds of horses of American origin.

What’s more, one could say that it is “the horse of the United States”. If you do not know the horse Morgan and you are already thinking of other races that could deserve such a title, wait to know a little more about their history to know what we mean.

History of the Morgan horse

Why is it said that the Morgan horse is the horse of the United States? For multiple reasons that we are going to see.

For starters, the Morgan horse has its origin shortly after the founding and constitution of the United States as a country. We are talking about 1789, the year in which Figura, the stallion of this breed, was born.

The figure was a horse that stood out for its incredible qualities and that, paradoxically, it is not known with the accuracy of its origin. There have been numerous theories in this regard, but none has been sufficiently contrasted to be taken as official.

Morgan Horse

Among the breeds that have been commented that could be the horse Morgan and Figure are Purebred horses, where it is said that it was created by True Briton – a famous Thoroughbred -; the horse frightened or the Welsh Cob.

Numerous theories have revolved around the birth of Figure, but none of them certified.

The only certain thing about Figura is that it was a horse that stood out for its incredible qualities. It was a horse that was distinguished by its temperament, smaller complexion than other American horses and its excellent athletic characteristics. That is, the model of the light horse that we know today.

And why is the name of Morgan? At three years of age, Figura was ceded to Justin Morgan, as payment for a debt owed by his previous owner.

The figure, a horse that did everything (and all good)

The figure was a horse that was born in Massachusetts, although most of his life lived in Vermont.

Quickly, Figura began to be a tremendously recognized horse. Subsequently referred to as “Justin Morgan’s horse”, he began to stand out thanks to his work in clearing the land for the establishment of new settlers. We also suggest to discover about the Berber horse biography.

Morgan Horse

His skills in the step, trot, and gallop, which exceeded the other races, made Figura became a national reference until his death at 32 years of age.

A foundered horse

Continuing with the parallels between the Morgan horse and the foundation of the United States, we have to stop at the descendants of Figura and in one of them especially: Sherman.

Through the lineage of Sherman and his son and grandson, Black Hawk and Ethen Allien, other races very characteristic of the United States developed. We are talking about the American Saddlebred; the American saddle horse, the Standardbred and the Tennesse Walking.

The later descendants of Figure also had great prominence for the creation of the racehorse par excellence: the Quarter Mile.

A horse with multiple uses

Thanks to the characteristics of the horse and that we will see later. The Morgan was a race very used for different uses.

Undoubtedly, one can consider the 19th century as the Golden Century of this race, where its expansion was truly incredible.

His versatility was key to his proactive participation in the development of the United States at that time. Thus, it was used as a racing horse, draft horse or transport and also as a light artillery horse of the US Army.

Morgan Horse

In this last point, he was a key player in the Civil War of the United States, between 1855 and 1861 . Especially relevant was the composition of the First Vermont Cavalry Battalion, only of this race of horses.

Precisely, it was in this period when it began to export to England.

Moreover, the United States Government itself declared the Morgan race as the “Pride and Product of America”. Now it is clearer to us why it is called the horse of the United States! Do not you think?

Horse characteristics Morgan

As we have already been breaking down throughout the article, the Morgan horse has a very compact body.

With a stature that goes from 1.45 meters to 1.57, weighing something between 400 and 525 Kg. And with a great musculature, it stands out for its strong legs and well-arched neck.

Although there may be horses of the Morgan race of all colors, the most characteristic is chestnut and bay.

Morgan Horse

All this gives him a way to move tremendously elegant and athletic, so it was an ideal racing horse. In addition, you can also travel long distances -40Km. days, so in the 19th century, it was very useful for transport.

His head is very expressive and with small eyes, with small and pointed ears. As for its character, everything is advantages. It is a horse with personality and vigor, but at the same time very docile. So, it is practically the perfect horse.

The United States standard

Its representativeness and good work mean that today, it remains a truly appreciated horse. Something we are happy about!

Since its inception in Vermont, the Morgan horse has been exported to other continents such as Europe and Oceania. It is very popular for different horse shows or historical performances. Due to its elegance, and various racing competitions.

Morgan Horse

At present, it is estimated that there are more than 170,000 copies of these beautiful horses scattered around the world. Moreover, and unlike what has happened with other races that have had problems to survive after their disuse in agricultural tasks. The Morgan horse is still showing as a horse that anyone wants to have as a companion.

All this makes the Morgan race is considered as the standard of the United States. His special link with history and his versatility have made him, in our opinion, worthy of such a title, do not you think?

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