How to spend time with your horse (everything except riding)

spend time with your horse
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I think many will understand me: you sometimes come to the stables, but you cannot jump – either the aviary is busy, or you feel not very good, or the weather is nasty, and sometimes the mood is not right. Also, for example, in my stable there are old and injured horses, which also want attention and caress, even if they are no longer suitable for races. But all this is not a reason to get upset, because horses are first and foremost communication. There are many ways to spend time with your horse and have a good time at the stable and enjoy fellowship with horses, and at the same time please them …


Equip your horse on comfortable reins and take it for a walk. I love to walk around the territory of the equestrian park, to talk with the horse, to observe its reaction to different objects. Usually we walk at a calm pace, and sometimes I turn to run, and she goes to trot. As a rule, in such walks the horse communicates not only with me: all the visitors of the stable also bestow their attention on it, this is beneficial, especially if the horse stagnates.

spend time with your horse



Let the horse quietly graze in some place rich in vegetation – just do not forget to tie the horse in order to avoid unpleasant incidents. Feel the freedom, enjoy nature – what could be better for a horse? You, too, at this time will be able to have a great time in nature: lie on the grass and watch your (or your) favorite (-cem).

Bring beauty

I am sure that your horse always receives proper care, but there are still procedures that are purely “cosmetic” in nature. Do not limit yourself to just combing the mane – braid it or its tail into a braid, please with its special diet and sugar.

Teach your horse new tricks

I personally love to train my horse, but it takes a lot of time and effort to do this. There are several interesting online articles and even books on this topic, but I always ask more mature riders to share their experiences. It’s so great when your horse is not just good at racing, but also knows how to shake his head, “count”, bow, and take interesting poses. The main thing is not to get upset and not get angry at the horse, if at first the process will be slower than you thought.

Work on fears

Surely you know that your horse has certain fears – an aggressive dog, loud noises, high obstacles, crushed stone or water. The horse will be much easier to respond to these stimuli at the time of riding, if you try these situations together, when you hold it on the reins, radiating calm and showing control of the situation. Such work on the bugs is still better done in the presence of more experienced riders – they will be able to suggest how best to adapt the horse to a stressful situation.

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