The importance of playing for the horse

playing for the horse
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The horse game starts very early

A foal starts playing from the first week of life. His first games consist of the clamps that give to the mane and the legs of the mother. For horses that live in a pack, they can also discover the game by socializing with other foals. The moments of play for the horse are of considerable importance also in its future formation. A foal that spends time playing will surely be a strong, serene and healthy horse.

In the early stages of life the game represents a real simulation of all those behaviors that will characterize his future life. To chase each other, to jump, to fight and to mount are some of the main activities of the horse game at a young age.

In the moments of play they will simulate sudden escapes and strenuous struggles between them, but the mood will always be peaceful and amused, contrary to what would happen if instead these situations occurred in real life. In moments dedicated to fun, the foal actually trains for life, preparing to face all those situations that will then be decisive for its survival as an adult.

But the game for the horse continues even into adulthood, although the time to devote to this activity is greatly reduced with the growth phases. The moments dedicated to fun for a foal often become moments spent grazing the grass and doing all those activities typical of adulthood, but the horse never completely abandons the game.

playing for the horse

The moments of play for the horse become shorter. On the other hand they no longer have the fundamental task of training the horse, teaching them all the behaviors that prove to be very useful in adult life. The game for the horse remains a moment of pure enjoyment, which even as an adult will not be able to give up.

The game for the horse as an element of socialization

The horse is typically a pack animal. Its socialization with its peers is therefore important for a serene growth. Seen in this respect, the moment of the game for the horse with its peers takes on a triple function.

On the one hand it serves to make him measure his strength, to give him those teachings that will prove to be precious in adulthood, while on the other it allows him to socialize with the other foals and to create bonds that, very often, remain very strong even in age adulthood.

Without forgetting that it is precisely with the game that the horse will understand its roles within the pack.

The game for the horse as a tool to grow healthy

A colt who plays will always be a serene horse. Let him play with his fellows. Very often our apprehension and the fear that it can hurt us push us to take away from our foal the moments dedicated to the game.

In reality, horses are always careful to never go beyond a certain threshold that could seriously injure another foal. They will never hurt themselves seriously by playing with each other, but rather they will develop their muscles, growing so strong and healthy.

Removing these important moments of play for the horse means going against its nature, taking away something that allows it to grow well, both physically and psychologically.

Maybe they can get some small scratches, but nothing more.

These small wounds are not at all free trauma for every foal, but they are part of a growth process that will bring them into agile and reactive adult life, as well as happy and peaceful. How we like it!

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