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Jack Le Goff said that in order to have an adjustable horse gallop that allows the rider to be able to lengthen instantly, shorten instantly, or be able to stay in the same gallop frame when he is heading for the jump, the horse gallop must combine two qualities “Opposite” and “incompatible”: balance and drive. Today, we present in this article about quality horse gallop. Let’s check this article.

The content of the summery:

  • What is the drive?
  • And what would be balanced?
  • Jumping gallop
  • Distances
  • When you arrive badly, what is probably happening?
  • Improve your jumping

Here we write details about quality horse gallop

What is the drive?

horse gallop

It is the feeling we have when the horse is advancing willingly with a controlled force. The drive helps you use your strength effectively from your hind legs. It means the horse’s engine, and you feel it with the energy it transmits to you.

And what would be balanced?

It is when the weight of the horse is moved to its back, the neck of the horse is up, closing the neck in the vertical, (not round down), light in the hand (not to hang from the iron, maintaining a continuous contact) and also stands by itself from the later.

When you have it balanced, and you ask it to advance, what is going to happen probably? it will go forward but it will flatten down, moving the weight of the posterior ones towards the backs. You have created impulse, but you have lost your balance, consequently, you have been able to lengthen your horse gallop, but you can not shorten it. Then surely you will pull the reins up two or three checks (raise your hands, dry tugs), or you will put a slightly stronger iron, but it will be at the cost of removing impulse. Now that you have balanced it, you can shorten it, but you will not be able to lengthen it. And all this in front of the obstacle. When you riding a horse you must need 5 basic security elements for horseback riding.

Jumping gallop

horse gallop

A good jumping horse gallop should have the instantly available drive and balance in equal measures, where the drive does not block the balance, and not where the balance drowns the drive. And this is where the great riders reflect their skills because many horses do not carry this mixture to the letter. Some horses take a lot of drive, and they look for the jump, but the rider has to look for the balance through the half stops. Other horses are low in power and energy, so they will have to create the first drive and then rebalance that drive. In many cases, it is more difficult to see the distances because you have double work first to look for the impulse by sending the horse forward and then wait and balance, then repeat and repeat.

Jump Distances

The distances in the jumps, with the balanced horse gallop and sufficient drive, are relative. If you arrive at a distance something distant, but you have the horse balanced, it is not obvious, it will be enough to open your fingers to accompany the horse. If you reach a distance a little close, to hold, you just have to close your fingers and put the weight a little behind. With a balanced gallop and drive, the rider feels safe and locates their distances more easily.

When you arrive badly, what is probably happening?

If you are missing/impulsive, a lifeless gallop, and you are that type of rider who keeps pulling the reins looking to see the distances, every time you are pulling you are taking away the distance. And you’re always subtracting drive. The horse will get inside the obstacle and it is probable that it will not be able to beat, or it will jump in the whip called a helicopter.

horse gallop

You may suddenly see them, it is usually an instinct, and attacks the jump, losing all the balance of the horse, with which it will flatten, and there will not be enough drive to jump. This form usually scares the horses a lot, and they end up losing trust and committing rejections.

If you are the rider who gallops a lot, but has no balance, when you come to a distance to hold, (and rebalance the horse in the later ones) you can not do it, then you will ask him to jump from very far, the consequences, a demolition, or it will give a quiet of more and if the obstacle already has height, perhaps it will stop.

Improve your jumping

Therefore in Improve Your Show Jumping, we say that it is before the round where you must put the horse in action, feel that the horse advances from the feet, light in your hand, keep the same rhythm and not intervene in the round, because we will lose the impulsion. From there, wait for the jump to reach you, and not you jump, controlling each step of your horse’s gallop.

horse gallop

We need to train the horse gallop every day that contains balance and drive, having both is not an easy task, so you will need to learn to ride well.


We try to explain all about quality horse gallop to see the distances hope this article helps you for a quality gallop.

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