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Thoroughbred Horse
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We have already talked about many horse breeds to date, but we have always left a classic that is sure to interest you and that we bring you now that the year ends: the Thoroughbred horse. That’s why we prepare this article for you to know more about this horse biography.

Sometimes, and especially through our section of movie horses, we have already talked about this popular breed. The reason is very simple, the thoroughbred horse is perfect for speed races, a recurring theme in feature films where the protagonist is an equine, right?

Throughout this post, we will review the reasons why it is such a precious breed.

The content of the summery:

  • History of the thoroughbred horse
  • An origin linked to horse racing
  • Characteristics of Thoroughbred horse
  • Some of the most famous Purebred racehorses

Here we write details all about the Thoroughbred horse

History of the thoroughbred horse

When we speak of the thoroughbred horse, we refer to the English race, as many of you will know, but how did it originate?

History of the thoroughbred horse

For this, we have to move to England to the eighteenth century. There was a crossing between English mares with three Arabian stallions imported from the Middle East, between the years 1683 and 1728.

Specifically, the names of these specimens were Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, and Byerly Turk, where the first name comes from the name of the owner of the horse and the second of the race of the horse.

An origin linked to horse racing

These crosses were the result of the search for the best possible racehorse. Horse racing is an English tradition from many centuries ago. Some historians place them in the twelfth century, neither more nor less.

That passion made them determine that the cross between an Arabian stallion, characterized by its greater resistance and constitution, and an English mare could create the perfect racehorse, and boy they did!

Thoroughbred Horse

The popularity of the race has always been accompanied by horse races, whose admiration moved to the United States.

Today, the pureblood is still a race tremendously prized by horse lovers. It is estimated that in the United States are born about 35,000 purebred foals a year, especially in the states of Kentucky, Florida, and California.

All the registered ones have as ascendant one of these three stallions. As a curiosity, 95% of the modern racehorses of this breed come from a single specimen: Darley Arabian. If you want to know more about horse breeds, we suggest to discover to everything about horse Morgan.

Characteristics of Thoroughbred horse

The thoroughbred horse is characterized by its speed, dexterity, and agility. What is it that makes the Thoroughbred horse so good at racing? Its structure and bodybuilding seem to be its best secrets, along with the length of its legs and neck. In addition, it is a warm-blooded horse, that is, it has a lot of “nerve” and energy.

For that reason, not only are they used for racing, their athletic condition makes them perfect for other sports, such as horse riding.

The height of this horse usually varies between 1.55 and 1.80 meters, with a weight that is around 500 kilos. This means that according to their stature and corpulence, they are trained for different types of races, although normally those who are taller are chosen.

Characteristics of Thoroughbred horse

Because of its height, training usually changes, since taller horses tend to be better prepared for long distance races – more than a mile – while lower horses may be better sprinters and, therefore, be better prepared for shorter races.

However, it does not always depend on your height to be better trained in long or short distances, just as it does not depend on knowing in advance if it is the best horse for certain surfaces.

As for their hair, these horses are usually chestnut brown, although there are examples in other tones such as chestnut or dapple. They also have white spots on some parts of their legs.

Another interesting aspect of this horse is its temperament. They are very intelligent animals, of that there is no doubt. But we are talking about a horse with a lot of nerve and energy. For that reason, in its upbringing and handling, it is necessary to have a very special ability.

Some of the most famous Purebred racehorses

Many of the Thoroughbred racehorses have gone down in history and at different times. We have already seen it through different articles. We saw it with Seabiscuit, a horse of 1,57 m. he went from “sparring” to the Triple Crown-winning horse in 1937, as did Man O’War, his grandfather, another great winner of 1.67m.

In the 70s, other horses that won a great recognition were Ruffian and Secretariat. The first one is considered the best racing filly in history. Thanks to its speed and it’s 1.70 m. of height. For its part, Secretariat, winner of the Triple Crown with a record in all three races, stood out for having a heart of 10 kg. of weight.

Thoroughbred Horse

Today, the most famous thoroughbred horse is Frankel, a horse that retired in 2012 after winning the 14 races he had played. Today, he lives as a stallion with a long waiting list to inseminate hundreds of mares, and valued at more than 100 million Dollars. Almost nothing!

As you can see, Thoroughbred horses continue to maintain a unique tradition of hundreds of years. Thanks to spectacular qualities that make them so precious. There’s nothing like a thoroughbred horse!


We hope now you know all about thoroughbred horse biography. And now you easily choose this horse for your next horse racing games.

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