Tips and advice for winning horse races

winning horse races
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At horse racing, who does not have a day playing horse racing! Nowadays, trying to win at horse racing has become a favorite pastime for many people of all ages. Who the only dream of a total upheaval in their lives by winning horse races the jackpot. Have you ever thought of transforming your life by winning a big sum at the horse racing betting  ? To achieve this or to touch a few bets from time to time, turf methods are needed. Having also played on my side, I will give you some tips, guides links, and eBook dedicated to horse racing …

Tips and advice for winning horse races

Racing betting techniquewinning horse races

Before each race, it is very necessary to make a systematic study of all the elements influencing the outcome of the race. There are key elements to be considered during a horse race because of which the player must take into account his important points.

  • To start you must have a global idea about the race, analyze the state of a form of the horse whose performance must influence your bet, consider the distance of the horse race as not all horses have the same abilities to do any distance.
  • It is also necessary to learn about the nature of the terrain because many horses have a decisive aptitude for the different types of terrain. It is important to take into account the weight of the rider as he plays a dominant role in the horse’s success.
  • Another important aspect is the character of the coach to incite the jockey and to detect major horse races. It is also necessary to take into account the trick of the game taking into account the interpretation of the odds. The estimate simple winning or placed race reports and also the success factors as well as the horse form indices.

=> To be done, it is always interesting to take various tips of geek in a horse race, which reveal some small secret through guides to win races or eBook that are not excessive. The more we get acquainted with certain practices, the more we follow certain joker and drivers, see the specificity of some racecourse, know the coaches to follow …

As you can see and as experienced players will confirm, regularly cash small amounts to horse racing (this is what you need to have as a goal) ask practice, study, tips bets sports horse that has acquired by playing, learning, reading e-books dedicated to horse racing …

Method for betting on horse racingwinning horse races

There are several methods to bet on horse racing this can be done by internet which allows you not to move in a bar.

  • The simple bet as its name indicates it is a simple bet more often to use by the confirm. Which those regular quarter on two bets, which are the simple one and the coupled. It consists to forecast on a horse which will arrive winner of the race there are two types of single bet.
  • The pair is to bet on two horses when you bet on two numbers for example. And that the two numbers arrive in the first two of the race you win for the pair placed. When you prognosis on two numbers placed and these numbers arrive in the first three of the race you win.

There are bettors at the races who swear to bet on the bases. You can find besides this method of games in this eBook dedicated to that. Usually, the players prognosticate the results in three ways others randomly place a few bets on the favorite horses. And some use their professional experience to win a large sum of money at the races. What are you waiting for to win your horse racing prize?

Some tips for horse racing to consider

For trotting raceswinning horse races

Take a look at the horses that will be referred for the race. They have good success usually especially those who are of the 4 or later. Aimed at the underdog who is deferring 4 feet. And has just finished 6 ° or 8 ° of his last race.

Watch the drivers, some are more successful than others according to the racecourse. Ti is one of the tips winning horse races.

For “quinte” races, pay attention to the horse that has just won a race with a minimum of € 30,000 of allowance.

For flat racingwinning horse races

Watch the jockeys going up that day.

The stall numbers are to be taken into account

The state of the land, dry, soft, soggy

The coach and the racecourse

As you can see, playing horse racing is very exciting, taking. And asking to study well the race of the day before depositing these tickets. There are many possibilities of games especially at the quarté and the quinte. It is one of the best winning horse races.

  • At the quinte, you can make tickets in 4x, 3x and x2 which allows touching more. But which costs more expensive automatically. This is the same principle for the quarté in 3x and 2x.

An example:

Let’s say that you play at the quinté and that you made a selection of 8 horses (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8). Here are the different tickets to play with this formula.

  • In 4x, that gives, 1 xxxx 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 you have the 1 in the base. And 4 horses of back which returns in turn on the ticket several times. So many bonuses 3, 4 and 5 and several times the quinté disorder too. It’s exactly the same for 3x and the 2x that costs less to play but or have bases that increase before. This is the same principle for the quartet.

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