Top 10 best horses in the world for horse racing

best horses in the world
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Hello, horse lovers, now your searching is finished, today we present 10 best horses in the world, who loves horse riding, horse racing, and invest in the racecourse. Now you easily choose which one better for horse racing and you collect for your next collection.

Here we present 10 best horses in the world

1. Andalusian or Spanish horse

Origin: Spain.


Andalusian is one of the best horses in the world. The first data are from the preglacial period. Then he crossed paths with the Berber, except for a small number of copies that the Carthusian monks kept and raised. Currently, this breed (the Carthusian) continues to exist and enjoys great prestige.

The PRE of today is a horse with a lot of bone, a hawk’s head (very appreciated in the Middle Ages) and easy to ride.

best horses in the world


Utility: It is used as a riding horse, in horse riding to teach classes and in the disciplines of dressage, cowboy dressage, high school, and rejoneo. In the sports aspect it is worth mentioning in classic dressage binomials like Rafael Soto with ‘Invasor’ or ‘Flamenco’, Ignacio Rambla with ‘Event’, ‘Distinguished’ or ‘Surf’, Victor Alvarez with ‘Selecto’, Ignacio Lopez with ‘Nevado Santa Clara ‘… The PRE stands out in the dressage for its excellent trot, good meeting, piaffe and passage almost perfect and good head. On the contrary, it loses a lot in lengthening and passing.

2. Frisian

Country: Holland


Frisian is the most popular best horses in the world, descends from the primitive horses of the European forests. The ancient Romans already knew Frisian and considered it a powerful work animal. A thousand years later he would improve his appearance with Purebred Spanish and demonstrate his usefulness as a strong, docile and resistant horse, suitable for very diverse tasks, serving as a transport and later take part in the Crusades. He is currently breeding in the Dutch region of Friesland.

best horses in the world


  • Its height is between 160 and 175 cm
  • Very abundant tail and mane
  • Long head
  • Good character.
  • Small ears and pointed ends
  • The Friesian coat is always jet black, it has no star or anything. Horses that present symbols of other colors are not of race.

3. Arabic

The Arabian Horse is a horse race with a reputation for intelligence, strong character, and outstanding endurance. With a distinctly acinceled head and tail always high, the Arabian horse is one of the best-recognized breeds of horses in the world. It has a gray base coat.

Legend has it that Allah created these horses with a handful of south wind.

best horses in the world

The Arabian horse (PRA) is one of the best horses in the world recognized for its beauty, intelligence, speed (it is the second fastest horse in the world after English thoroughbred), its nobility and friendship towards people and its resistance. Its physical conditions make this horse one of the best for the different equestrian disciplines such as raid, jumping, taming, taming the cowgirl, morphology, racing. It is also recommended for routes and excursions as well as for a private home.

They are also widely used to improve other races. If you want to more about top breeds of racing horses in the world, here are top 10.

4. Appaloosa

Country: United States

Characteristics: This horse is distinguished by its mottled coat of various colors and combinations.

best horses in the world

  • Males usually have spots and colors more alive than females.
  • Leopard: oval spots on the entire layer, with a white or light-colored background.
  • Spotted loin: with rump and light colored kidneys, with dark spots (it is thought that it is the original branch)
  • Light loin and dark mane: rump and clear kidneys on a dark background.
  • Snowflake: dark base and white spots along the entire body.
  • A drop: dark spots on a white background throughout the body.
  • Jaspeado: a dark front part with white spots and other colors and part of clear behind with dark spots.

5. Peruvian step


It is a walking gait of four times, in which the front legs are arched laterally, in the style of a swimmer’s arms. The hind legs perform a long and straight stride, keeping under the hindquarters. The march has four very well marked times, which differs markedly from the lateral movements of other races. This type of walking creates an exceptional smoothness of movement.

best horses in the world


This breed comes from Peru and has been breeding for 400 years. However, Paso Peruano is also raised in Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the United States, where it has achieved great popularity. This animal has great strength and personality.


The Peruvian Paso is not a big horse, nor does it have the characteristics of a galloping horse. The body is compact and muscular, wide and deep. The legs are short and strong. The flat and wide head with bright and expressive eyes. The neck has arched and is relatively short but well proportioned with the rest of the structure. The predominant color is chestnut and sorrel although you can find almost all layers.

6. Arabic-Shagya

Country: Hungary.


It emerged from the Babolna hatchery, where from 1816 the mares (mostly of Arab and Oriental origin) were mated with Arab thoroughbred stallions. His name, Shagya, is taken from one of the stallions that would define the final characteristics of the breed.

best horses in the world


  • The main layer is thrush.
  • The height of the cross: approximately 155 cm
  • Physically, it is an Arab horse for all purposes, since it has maintained all the characteristics of the race.

7. Pure English blood


This breed evolved in England during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, through the crossing of oriental horses with native mares. Three stallions are the founders of the

Lineage: the Turkish Byerley, the Arab Darley, and the Arab Godolphin. From them came the three bloodlines of the thoroughbred: Herod, Eclipse and Matchem.

best horses in the world

The breeding of the thoroughbred has been very selective and careful to achieve the goals that today are reflected in the confirmation, in the airs and in the resistance of these horses during races.

Since its inception has been cataloged the best horses in the world very tough racing horse and today, in the great industry of the racecourse, continues to show a remarkable evolution in all aspects.

General Characteristics:

  • Head: it is stylized and always alert, with little muscle mass on the jaw.
  • Neck: it is long and slightly narrow.
  • Body: it is long.
  • Elevation: 1.57 m.
  • Previous tips: they are long, thin but muscular, which gives great propulsion in the race.
  • Hind quarters: the kidneys and rump must be strong enough to resist and provide strength during the gallop.

8. Pinto

Country: United States of America


Pinto was born as “horse of the Indians”; being the “redskins” who started their breeding. These were looking for the wildest horses in order to cross them with Spanish horses. The Crusaders with the Quarter Horse breed gave rise to the Paint Horse, very similar to the Pinto, but with characteristics of the Quarter. The Pinto has been breeding in a controlled way since 1930; year in the began to look for a homogeneous aspect through the mixture with the English and Arab thoroughbred. We can say that it is a race that is still consolidating.

best horses in the world


  • Height of the cross: variable.
  • Main layer: numerous colors; always stained.
  • Small and flattened head.
  • Long neck.
  • Robust shoulders.
  • Short, but very strong tips.

9. Lusitano

Country: Portugal


Mounted for more than 5,000 years, the Lusitanian is considered to be the oldest riding horse and best horses in the world. The cradle of this race is found in Portugal and in fact, its beginnings were marked by the coexistence with the Andalusian horse.

best horses in the world


  • Main layers: thrush, bay, black and sorrel.
  • Height of the cross: between 150 and 165 cm
  • Head with a straight profile, very expressive.
  • Strong and robust neck.
  • Compact and muscular body, with rounded rump
  • Thin tips.
  • His bearing is

10. Costarican Paso Horse

 Country: Costa Rica.


A distant descendant of the Berber through horses of low height and light brought to the country during the Conquest. For the work they had to do, they were very courageous animals that could withstand the adverse topography and a difficult climate. Then, in the first decades of the 19th century, crossings were made with Spanish and Peruvian horses to give an enhancement to the race’s gait and later a selection was maintained within the national stud. Its registration starts in 1972.

best horses in the world


  • The height of the minimum cross: 148 centimeters
  • Presents high elevations in hocks and knees, brilliance and sharp movements. It is an animal of good musculature but well proportioned and harmonious. He has a spirited, noble temperament, of great strength and aptitude for dressage. This animal is exceptional for the luxury chair, being also useful for livestock and other jobs.


Anyone except paint with closed spots. Fine skin, short hair, fine mane in neck and tail.


We hope this article helps you to choose the best horses in the world, and now you planning for your next horse racing games.

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