Top 15 Most famous fastest horse in the world for horse racing games

fastest horse in the world
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Thanks to one of the news that we have been able to meet in recent weeks, curiosity has piqued us and we hope that you will also. We are talking about the most famous fastest horse in the world.

If you’re a lover of horse racing, you’re probably as interested as we are. And they are a real show. Not in vain, the horse is not only a tremendously beautiful animal, but it is also very fast!

A normal horse, ridden by a rider with some experience, can run at 50 km /h. It’s not bad, right? In races, the quarter-mile record is 70.76 km /h, with a top speed of almost 80 km /h.

But even more, in exceptional conditions, a horse can reach 88 km /h. An authentic past!

Here we present 15 most famous fastest horse in the world

Now, let’s see what some of the most famous racehorses are. We have chosen 15, but there are many more. Probably, if you like this world, you will meet most of them, but do you know everyone?

1. Justify

fastest horse

We started the list of these racing horses precisely with Justify, the horse that has given us the idea of ​​this article. Without a doubt, he is the champion of the moment, because he has just won the Triple Crown.

Yes, you can think that this achievement has been achieved by other equines -in particular, 14- but the most outstanding thing is that he started competing in the past month of February and holds a record of 6-0 in his participation.

2. Secretariat

Secretariat is one of the fastest horse in the world. In fact, the one we like the most. If you follow our blog, you will surely have read this post about the Secretariat film. Not only is he one of the most famous horses in history, but he is also considered one of the best athletes of the 20th century, the only non-human!

Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973, setting the record for the Big Three, a unique feat. Literally, one of his great secrets resided in his heart. I weighed 10 kilos! More than double that of a normal horse.

3. Frankel

fastest horse in the world

Retired in 2012, Frankel is another of the horses that we have talked about on other occasions and is that it is one of the most valued horses in the world, with a value close to 170 million euros. As if it were a football star!

The truth is that Frankel has earned his international fame. This wonderful thoroughbred retired after 14 races, winning all of them. A racing specialist under the mile who dominated the races as few horses have done. Here we present this article top 10 most famous horses in the world.

4. Cigar

fastest horse

The cigar is one of the reference fastest horse in the world. A symbol of the first half of the decade of the 90. Despite starting his career hesitantly, he became the highest income horse in history.

Winning in competitions such as Breeder’s Cup or the Dubai World Cup, in an epic race after having traveled almost 10,000 km, he linked up to 16 consecutive victories, something that had not been achieved more than 40 years ago.

5. Seabiscuit

fastest horse in the world

We already talked about Seabiscuit in our movie horses section, and it’s no wonder! Seabiscuit was a horse that was not expected much but ended up establishing himself as one of the great champions, even after having suffered a serious injury to the ligaments of his front leg.

The fame of Seabiscuit has not been only enlarged by its titles, also by a spirit of excellence that made it an emblem of the United States when the country had passed the Great Depression.

6. Citation

If we talk about horses that have had sweet moments throughout their careers, Citation is one of the best known. The late ’40s were dominated by this wonderful horse.

Maybe if we see his whole career, we think it’s not so much. Participating in 45 competitions in 4 years, he won 32. However, between 1948 and 1950 he achieved a whopping 16 consecutive victories, including the Triple Crown.

7. Man O’War

fastest horse in the world

For many, Man O’War is the best horse of the 20th century. A spectacular horse that is characterized by its power in all races in which he participated and left a legacy of champion horses, being the father of War Admiral or the grandfather of Seabiscuit and we have also included in this list of fastest horse in the world.

Between June of 1919 and October of 1920, Man O’War ran in a total of 21 races. Well, he won 20 of them, including Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Proof of his fame throughout the United States is that, after his retirement, they visited the farm where a total of 1.5 million people lived.

8. John Henry

The decade of the 80 had a champion horse with name and surname: John Henry. In fact, he was chosen the best horse of the United States in 4 years, being an equine with tremendous reliability.

This is demonstrated by the fact that he has achieved 39 victories in his career, being one of the only three horses that have won the demanding Santa Anita Race consecutively in 72 years of history.

9. War Admiral

Like Seabiscuit, War Admiral was another of the horses that symbolized the country’s economic recovery after the Great Depression. Son of Man o’War, led an incredible legacy, being the father of 40 other champion horses.

fastest horse

Over the course of 3 years, War Admiral demonstrated its power at the racecourse. He raced 26 times, winning 20, including the Triple Crown he won in 1937.

10. Ruffian

Yes, we’ve talked a lot about the fastest horse in the world, but what about the mares? In this sense, if we have to talk about a champion filly, our gaze must necessarily be directed towards Ruffian, a filly with an incredible story, worthy of a film. Winner of 11 races, unbeaten winning Triple Tiara, had a large wingspan, 1.7 meters high, being the first to compete for face to face with male horses.

Moreover, in “the race of the races” he faced Foolish Pleasure, the male champion. During this race that he was going to win, his fall caused that hours later, after an operation, he died. It was the year 1975. His death shocked the world of the horse, where he was pressured to get improvements in the veterinary field and avoid events as tragic as Ruffian.

11. Winning Brew

Winning Brew’s track record may not be the most amazing. So why is it one of the most famous fastest horse in the world? By setting an impressive record, you can be unbeatable.

fastest horse in the world

As we said at the beginning of the article, the average speed record in a race is 70.76 km /h, reaching an impressive speed of 80 km / h. It was on May 14, 2008, in Pennsylvania, a date to remember.

12. Spectacular Bid

Now, there are horses that win several million prizes, even a few tens. However, decades ago the same was not paid, it is clear. For example, how much would Spectacular Bid have won?

Spectacular Bid dominated all competitions for three years, from 78 to 80, although it did not complete the Triple Crown. However, in 30 races he won 26 and set a record for earnings never seen before 2.8 million dollars.

13. Smarty Jones

In recent years, Smarty Jones has been one of the most recognized and acclaimed horses on the world scene. With 3 years, it became a racehorse practically unbeatable, being 2004 its great year.

He was the first horse, since 1977, to win the Kentucky Derby arriving as an unbeaten horse. His record, of 8 victories in 9 races and even more his earnings, of more than 7.5 million dollars, speak of his good work as a racehorse.

14. Barbarian

Barbaro was one of the most valuable fastest horse in the world. Its value reached 25 million dollars. However, his fame came not only for his qualities as a racing horse but for an ephemeral life, as if it were a rock star.

With less than 3 years of age, he won all the races until he reached the Kentucky Derby, in 2006, a race he also won. It was in the next assault for the Triple Crown that he fell out of favor, in Preakness Stakes. There, he injured his leg in the exit. After more than 5 serious operations and multiple complications, there was no choice but to sacrifice it, a real pity.

15. Phar Lap

fastest horse

Finally, we go to Australia, at the end of the decade of the 20s. We talked about Phar Lap, a horse that was an example of overcoming because in the first races nobody gave a hard for him. He was last in his first race and did not qualify in the following three.

In spite of it, the tenacity of the equine obtained that same year it began to harvest different victories, like the Derby of Victory. After winning everything in Australia, a new owner took him to America, where he won in his first appearance the Agua Caliente Handicap race, in Mexico, the competition with the greatest prize of the time, in the 30s.

As you can see, throughout history there have been real champions, horses that have been an example of overcoming and that have shown incredible competitiveness. Which one is your favorite?

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