Train a racehorse with a methodical and progressive approach

Train a racehorse
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We gave you advice on how to look after a horse, now let’s talk about racing. Here’s how to train a racehorse to get good performances in a race.

It can happen to see horses that run and admire their power and elegance. Sometimes he fantasizes about how nice it would be to have one, train it and take it to the racetrack to register it for a race. If this is really your goal, you have to consider that getting there will not be easy. You must have different knowledge and desire to do. Following a horse is a long journey, full of attention and sacrifices, which should lead the animal and the jockey to have an almost symbiotic relationship.

To train a racehorse, start with a foal

For this purpose, the ideal is to start with a young horse to establish a deep relationship of trust with him. In this age, it will also be easier to get him used to the saddle and the bite. It is also necessary for the coach to be able to evaluate the nature and character of the horse. With some specimens, more proud and proud, it will be more difficult to get them used to being ridden. It is up to the coach’s ability to change approach and use a more moderate one to ensure that training a race horse does not result in an unnecessary waste of energy.

Train a racehorse

Horses like humans

The same basic rules used in men are followed to train a racehorse. Work first on resistance then on increasing muscle mass. Finally we focus on speed and technique. Especially in the early periods, it is good to alternate trotting to increase the horse’s strength and give it time to recover. The duration of the sessions must increase gradually, day by day, so that the horse does not strain too much. For this reason, the training sessions must be constant and not occasional. A gradual increase cannot be missed to make the workouts lead to the desired results.

After the first month

These are the rules for the first month to follow to train a racehorse. If you have spent it consistently and have done your job well, you can move on to introduce the gallop and work uphill. Remember not to rush the pace too much: to train a racehorse it takes patience and perseverance and it is always better to favor a slow and constant gait in an occasional search for maximum speed. It is essential to observe the horse during this phase: You must prevent it from becoming excessively fatigued as it could cause significant physical damage. After the first 4/5 months, you should have already guessed whether your horse is better at speed or endurance. Once you know this you can direct your workouts in a more precise direction.

Training a race horse is certainly not a walk. It takes time, dedication and above all a lot of passion. If you don’t have one, the famous way of saying “give yourself to horse racing” is not for you, but if you see these characteristics in yourself, dedicated heart and soul to training a racehorse: your efforts will be fully rewarded!

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