Transportation of horses | How to transport your horses safely

Transportation of horses
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The most beautiful animals are horses. This is considered by many people, through history it has been observed how horses play an important role in the life of human beings. That’s why we prepare this article about transportation of horses.

In this article we will see how horses can be transported safely, this is important for caregivers who want animal care for their training or for their care.

When a caretaker maintains a good environment for the horse, it has greater life chances, however, that is not all that is required as the means of horse transport is important as well.

That is why in this article we will see the most modern means of transporting horses safely.

The content of the article

1. Safe transportation of horses

1.1 A new way

2 An online application

2.1 Learn more about the App

3 Good performance

3.1 The work of transporters

4 Steps to obtain the App

5 General questions

Here we present how to safely transportation of horses

1. Safe transportation of horses

For a long time, different means of transportation for horses have been used and they have been very safe. However, there is a deficiency of these transports by the caregivers.

Transportation of horses

It is worth noting that they spend a lot of money on the transportation of horses, and that is why currently offers a very safe transportation service for those carers who do not have their own transport. If you want to know more about horses here we present top 15 most famous fastest horse in the world for horse racing games.

1.1 A new way

Every year things are evolving and, with regard to the means of transporting horses too, nowadays you can count on an application from the same cell which allows locating a good transport for horses.

Let’s see how this novel tool can bring benefits to caregivers and improve the performance of safe horse transport.

2. An online application

In the era of technology, we can include applications that allow us to make arrangements to the transportation of horses and among them, we can name Very Horse, this company allows to have safe and fast transportation.

2.1 Learn more about the app

The best that this App can offer is that it puts in contact with the most professional in the area, it is faster and safer to contact. The amplitude of this App allows you to do transports nationally and internationally.

Regarding the price, this is a good service because the prices become accessible to customers, this application manages to facilitate the contact of customers with the service.

It is possible to take into account the proximity and the quality of the service such as the most comfortable roads or vehicular traffic.

Transportation of horses

What can be expected from the App? The first thing is great confidence, the motto of her is to be able to make safe, fast and reliable transactions that allow a profit margin for both parties.

3. A good performance

The way these application works is very simple, you just have to follow a few steps and see what they are:

The first thing is to fill out some forms to create a user and be in register, then you must fill out a report of the demands of transfers so that carriers can see the best offers.

Once the user chooses the most convenient company, they proceed to contact her or fill in the last details. As the last step, a confirmation from the user is required to proceed with the transport.

How can I pay? The payment is made in two parts, the first part cancels at the moment of the reservation of the transport and the other one at the moment in which the transport is received and this has a confirmation invoice.

3.1 The work of transporters

As it has already been demonstrated, it is very safe, and in the case of transporters, they have an intensive evaluation so that they can carry out the transports. Fill out forms that show companies to validate the transports.

In the case of the Very Horse, the carriers fill out the forms that allow the company to send constant offers to customers, this shows a good quality service for all customers.

Transportation of horses

A good option is a solution to the problems, for this Very Horse makes available that there is a line of customer service so that the doubts of the customers can be solved. This line is active 24 hours a day.

If you already want to initiate communications with the company you can follow some simple steps.

4. Steps to obtain the app

There are six very simple steps, which must be followed to access the App:

  1. Download the Very Horse app.
  2. Make a user record
  3. Make the transfer request by filling in the form.
  4. Receive offers from different carriers.
  5. Make the reservation and make the first payment of 12%
  6. Make confirmation.

5. General inquiries for the transportation of horses

Once the registration is made it is possible that certain doubts are generated, that is why here we show some of the questions that could arise and the most correct answers.

Transportation of horses

  • What to do when I book the trip? The company that has been chosen must contact you by telephone to start making the confirmations of the transfer.
  • Is the transfer really safe? The transporters are professionals and validated by the highest techniques and professional licenses.
  • offer customer service? If it is a special service, it is ready to be used 24 hours a day.
  • Do I have to make a payment for using the Very Horse service? No, this is a completely free service.
  • What finger to do to make claims ?; make direct contact with the company or, failing that, with the carriers.
  • What languages ​​can I use ?; only English and Spanish.
  • How much is the payment for the transportation reservation? The first part of the payment is very low, only 12% of the transaction.
  • When is the last transfer payment made ?; at the time of picking up the horse.


The article gives opinions and recommendations of the professional team, they are not diagnostic. For each particular case or problem in your horses, we recommend that you contact a professional, who makes the diagnosis for the horse. We always advise you, if you find any changed behavior in your horse, don’t be late to consult your trusted veterans experts.

Have a nice day!!

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